Don’t miss the VIO files!

June 23, 2004


To those that may have missed it; I recommend you look at Alex Boyd’s work with the material he obtained from the Foreign Agent Registration Act documentation and the Venezuelan Information Office. He has now written five parts on the subject and has posted the original documents too. Very interesting!! As the other Alex, Alexandra Beech put it in her story on the VIO files: Imagine if Fidel Castro had an office in Washington called the Cuban Information Office. Or if Mugabe set up a Zimbabwe Information Office in the nation’s capital. How about an Iran Information Office, or a Lybia Information Office? Wouldn’t someone wonder why a foreign government had an “information” office in the US capital, while at the same time paying lobbyists to disburse “information” to the US Congress, White House, State Department, universities, investors, and so-called “think” tanks? Hard to imagine, no, but where is the traditional press when you need them?

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