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Voted today! (Just practice)

July 18, 2004

I just came back from “voting” in the exercize organized by the CNE. Went to the same place where I wilkl vote in a month. It was mostly a test of the network and the voring machines. The choice was between two baseball teams Caracas and Magallanes. I voted for Caracas.

The machine is simple enough a touch screen. When you get to it, the screen is blocked. The Head of the polling station has a button that unblocks it. The screen appears with the question for the referendum. The two answers are below. You select your choice and a check mark appears on top of your selection. Then you select right below it “Vote”, a check mark appears on top of it and the vote is registered the machines blocks itself and prints a slip of paper that you grab and check that it correponds to your vote. Then you put the slip of paper in the ballot box and you are done. Simple enough for a single vote, I thought the screen might be too small for a multiple election.