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The Editorial that got Chavez mad

September 26, 2004

The Editorial that got Chavez mad:

The Nuthouse (Can’t find it in the digital edition)


The stubborn board of the CNE, in staying within the framework of violating the Election Law, together with the absence of independent public powers and the state of prevailing injustice that does not allow to resolve the differences that confront our society, now leaves society immersed in a nuthouse. There will be no threat that will convince a good part of the nation that the referendum and its ominous precedents did not conform to a catalog of a coarse and grotesque abuse of power, capable of diverting the vote intention as an expression of popular will. The warnings of legal action against those that dissent are nothing more than a repeat of the expressions and regulations that from the CNE turned into true threats against freedom of speech. This time around, just like the other one, the nuthouse has chief: psychiatrist Jorge Rodríguez.


In the same issue of El Universal, MIT Professor Roberto Rigobon says there will be another fraud if the regional elections are carried out in the same fashion as the recall vote. He also clarfies for the layman the meaning of their research.