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Amnesty anyone?

November 11, 2004

Two Deputies of the National Assembly have once again submitted an Amnesty Bill that was already submitted in 2002 to provide Amnesty to all political cases, including Sumate, those that signed the Carmona degree and any other case of political nature.  Those making the proposal say this will prove whether the government has or not intentions to carry out a meaningful dialogue with the opposition. They point out that all of those involved with the two 1992 coup attempts received a similar amnesty that helped the mood of the country.

While I was initially skeptical that this bill had a chance of being passed, since it simply does not fit the confrontational style of Hugo Chavez, Descifrado in its section by subscription suggests that the Vice-President is behind the idea as a way of achieving some level of harmony for the time being.


I am still skeptical since now that the Chavez administration controls everything, it needs some issue to maintain the constant level of confrontation it has sustained for the last five years. Of course, it would be a great attemp at a “new” beginning for the country if amnesty was decreed and it could last and would have to include a resolution of 18,000 PDVSA workers the firings of which have not been finalized and have not been given their day in Labor Courts in almost two years. One can only wish…