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Jesse did not say the truth, neither did I

January 13, 2005

Noe Pernia is a reporter for Channel 2 News in Caracas, known as “El Observador”. Because of the muzzle Bill he was not able to report correctly the news on the Granda case. He writes this in today’s Tal Cual:

Jesse did not say the truth, neither did I


By Noé Pernía


I tried to construct a story, a simple story that would help TV viewers of El Observador understand the labyrinth of the Minister of The Interior and Justice since on Thursday the 6th., the day of the wise men, he replied to the lawyers of Rodrigo Granda in Bogotá and said that if the guerrilla leader had entered the country , he would have done it using a fake ID card.


Cristobal Fernandez Dalo, refuted him on Friday the 7th. with the Official Gazette in hand showing that the revolution nationalized Granda on July 9th. 2004. That is, no fake ID card, the high flying and arrogant man was quite legal in these lands.


On Sunday the 9th. Hugo Chavez gave a hand, like a good father to Lt. Chacon Escamillo and explained that the nationalization is void, “of all voidness”, because Rodrigo Granda used fake documents when he requested it.


At the end of the day, Fernandez Dalo established the agenda of the Head of State and his protégé the Minister of Interior and Justice.


Jesse did not tell the truth and sadly, neither did I. He did not say it because he trusted the revolutionary theology that anointed him with the gift of infallibility and he jumped into the precipice with his made up stories about a fake ID card.


This reporter did not tell the truth either because thanks to the muzzle law, my story t o show Jesse’s handicap was bounced back. That is, the news program for which I work for committed a sin of omission and just like Chavez, gave the Minister a little hand , without wanting to do so,


But nothing prevented the glorious Lt. Chacon Escamillo of adding himself to the Hall of Fame of the liars that is led by Pedro Carreño, José Vicente Rangel and the three sun General Lucas Rincón.

Remember when Carreño decreed the death of Montesinos?, and when Jose Vicente the VP said the Peruvian fugitive had never been in
Venezuela? , and Lucas’ story with the damn resignation of Chavez? And let’s not talk about the protection that “presumably” the regime gave the airplane hijacker Ballesta in 2001.


One should take classes from these pontificators of information garbage! And to think of all the “advise” and “little scoldings” that they throw at us reporters because “we don’t tell the truth”.


If they lie like that in a delicate case that implies binational diplomacy, what can one expect when one hears that the total number of crimes in Caracas has gone down? The lessons of journalistic ethics that Lt. Chacon Escamillo gives in his press conferences on Tuesdays, well could be worth a sketch in Saturady Night Life. (Or the local equivalent)


As a reporter of crime, my duty is to go to your press conferences Mr. Minister, but when you see me laughing, you will know exactly why.