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Very active day for rumors and facts surrounding the military

June 13, 2005

Today, local newspaper El Nacional reported
“the professional troop” which is composed of the soldiers from Sergeant
down of the ninth command of the national guard in Amazonas State had taken
over the command center as a way of giving support to the national guardsmen of
the CORE-8 in Bolivar State which had been deactivated and who claimed they
have been abused and humiliated by the Army.

According to the report the troop even burned down a vehicle
before the army took over by assault the command center yesterday. The same
report said that a deadline had been given for the reactivation of the CORE-8
command of the National Guard. The same report says that similar actions are
being planned in Bolivar state and in Anzoategui state the troop is already in
control of the command of that state.

The report was denied
almost immediately
y the Minister of Information saying this was once again
a “mediatic” attack on the army and the oil industry.

Later this afternoon, the Minister of Defense defended
the role played by the National Guard in protecting the country and recogned the fact
that that military body “fulfills the parameters of discipline and obedience”
and that the discipline problems observed in CORE 8 were only present there. He
called on the media to stop the campaign against the National Guard.Garcia Carneiro also said that the Army recommended the
cancellation of the traditional June 24th. military parade in Campo
Carabobo because of the possibility of an attempt on Chavez’ life and “above all
one has to preserve the life of the Chief of State”.

All of this happens as Chavez confirmed yesterday that the
sponsor or Godfather of the current graduating class for the Chiefs of Staff
course will be none other than Fidel Castro, the same one that used to send
guerillas to kill Venezuelan soldiers not that long ago.

Are we to believe everything is norma, when a full National Guard comamnd is deactivated and taken over by the Army?

Aren’t they ashamed of not being able to protect Chavez at a
National monument with restricted access?

Or are they afraid that a member of the military parade
would be the one attempting to kill Chavez?

Are we to believe the graduating class decided to name
Castro or did the order come from above?

Are we to believe that the Venezuelan military has no
Venezuelan they admire to choose as their sposnor for their graduation?.

Are we to believe that this is not all related?