Chavez moves Venezuela’s wealth abroad by Kenneth Rijock

February 21, 2006

Ken Rijock from complinet treats us to more charges on the financial shenaginans of the Chavez robolution as reported by vcrisis. These are serious charegs indeed, but billions are already missing and nothing is done.

by Kenneth

The Venezuelan government is engaged in a massive money
laundering operation, the object of which is obvious: to set up a pipeline with
which to transfer’s Venezuela’s
billions of dollars of oil profits overseas for Chavez and corrupt members of
the “Bolivarian Elite.” Chavez has a
good model for thie endeavor; Cuba’s
Fidel Castro and senior Cuban officials are reputed to have millions of dollars in accounts in Panama, Brazil,
Canada, the United Kingdom
and other countries. Castro himself is believed to be a billionaire.

While all the
details remain unknown, the facts to date demonstrate a concerted effort to
establish a secret financial structure to hold funds looted from PDVSA
receipts, and the national treasury. What is known so far:

+ Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco, a known front for the Chavez
family, has opened dozens of offshore accounts in the tax havens of the world,
both in the Caribbean and in Europe. His
business organization, the Proarepa Group, is in truth and in fact owned by
Chavez and his immediate family.

+ The Swiss private bank, Vontobel, which operates an
unlicensed facility in Caracas,
has seen senior Venezuelan military officers depositing large sums lately. When contacted by a prospective depositor using
Fernandez Barrueco as a reference, the bank manager advised that Fernandez was a valued customer.
Curiously enough, the bank does not list Venezuela as one of its branch locations. Vontobel is the designated recipient for
“commissions” diverted from lawful Venezuelan commerce by the Bolivarian elite
for their own use.

+ Miami-based expatriate Venezuelan financial planners are
actively seeking to purchase a Swiss bank for Chavez. These individuals have
close personal ties to the Swiss banking industry.

+ There is an unconfirmed report that Chavez has already
bought a bank in Lebanon.
Whether this is further evidence of a relationship between the Chavez regime
and Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization, remains for further proof,
but cash flows from Venezuela
into Hezbollah’s accounts in the Middle East.
This cannot be occurring without governmental knowledge.

+ The Chavez government has recruited former intelligence
agents experienced in covert financial
operations to assist in meeting
its economic goals. These individuals, from Cuba,
the US, the UK, Spain
and Latin America, have sufficient skills to
achieve the desired goals.

As additional
information surfaces on the money laundering operation, it shall be analyzed
and circulated.

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