Chavez clearly states he does not believe in democracy or his own Constitution.

June 4, 2007

And Quico tells us how Chavez does not believe in his own Constitution, or democracy for that matter, as he stated this weekend:

“They elaborate their system of ideas, their ideology and their ideas are those of bourgeois democracy: the separation of powers, alternation in power – they use that stuff to manipulate – representation as the basis of democracy: big lies!
That’s the ideology of that hegemonic philosophy that exercised
hegemony here in Venezuela for 100 years, and has exercised it in much
of the western world as well for 100 years.”

But we knew that, his acts always spoke clearer than his words. Hugo Chavez never believed in democracy except as a way of gaining his own personal power and becoming the dictator he is. Only fools still believe otherwise.

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