Cuban style exploitation by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

June 6, 2007

Cuban style exploitation by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Information coming from Barinas tells of a large numbers of Cuban workers that were hired to accelerate the construction of the soccer stadiums for the upcoming America Cup

Cuban workers are also the only ones working at that mysterious “city”that is being built near Carayaca. Those Cuban workers should be the concern of the local criollo unions.

With the complicity of the Chavez Government they are being subjected to a truly salvage exploitation, of the pre-capitalist savage style, a feudal savage style, which would make you laugh at the neoliberal type. They do not contract the workers; the Cuban state does it from them.

They receive as payment less than the Venezuelan minimum salary and the Cuban Government charges for each worker US$ 600, of which the worker and his family in Cuba, see nothing but US$ 20, in pesos. They are true servants of the master, depending on the feudal lord of the Cuban state. Exploitation, extraction of added value, sneaker than this one, does not exist in any other country n the world.

Venezuelan union leaders, specially those from UNETE, which supports Chavez and has an internationalist duty, because of that which says that the proletariats from the world have to be united, and since they have nothing to lose but their chains, should go and aid their humble Cuban proletariats, subjected to such a savage exploitation. They should do it even as self-defense, because that is the relationship, which “I the Supreme” wants his Government and his party to have with the working class. He has said it even. The unions, that is, the organized working class has to be subordinate to the party. , which now is the same as the Government and the Sate. Chavez does not want unions that represent workers in front of their employers, but he wants them to represent the Government in front of the workers. He wants neither complaints nor collective bargaining agreements.

I remember visiting, many years ago, a workers Assembly at a Cuban company. They complained that they had been requesting the building of a locale for chemical products, because not having it threatened their health. They asked me to say a few words. I said that if Cuban workers could exercise the right to strike, that locale would have been built three years before. There, at that moment the assembly ended. “Thanks to the Venezuelan comrade”

The union leader of the company, by the way, was in the Presidium, together with the General manager, and his voice was not that of one of the workers, but that of management.

That XXth. Century Socialism is the one Chavez wants for his. Unions that are there to watch the interest of the State-employer and not that of the workers.

As an old extreme-left Venezuelan used to say, when referring to the Polish workers of “Solidarity”: “Those are not strikes, because the workers can not strike against themselves.” It was not cynicism, but innocence. Cuban workers, over exploited and mistreated, deserve the solidarity of Venezuelan union members.

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