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Looking for more democracy in the proposed Constitutional Reform

October 10, 2007

autocrat like to “fill his mouth” (llenarse la boca) with saying that there is
now more democracy, or that now the people have the power, or they own the
power or Venezuela belongs to all of us or things are more “popular”, whatever
that means.

But his
proposed Constitutional reform could have fooled everyone about the reality of
his statements.


–In the
new proposal for Art. 16 of the Constitution, new maritime regions, federal
Territories, federal municipalities and islands districts are created.

creates them? The people. No, you guessed it, Hugo Chavez

–In the
same article it states that Federal Provinces, Federal
Cities and Functional
Districts can be decreed.

decrees them? The people? Nope, once again Hugo Chavez

will be referenda for the creation of communal cities according to the proposed
Art. 16.

Who calls
for the referendum? Once again, the people?….nope, none other than Hugo

—Federal Territories and Municipalities will have
a term as determined by referenda according to Art. 16 of the new Constitution

Who calls
for these referenda? Once again, the autocrat himself, Hugo Chavez

course all of these new Provinces, Municipalities, Territories and the
like, need authorities to run them, which are not democratically elected, the
people are not asked but…

They are
all re named by none other than Hugo Chavez.

—And of
course, after trying this experiment of not having a Federal
District to give power to the people, the proposed Constitutional
change creates that District again and it’s Governor will be named by…(drum

Chavez, what a coincidence!!!

there will be new Vice-Presidents whenever and wherever it is deemed necessary.
These Vice-Presidents will be above elected Governors and Mayors and in order
to give us more democracy, participation and popular power…

will decide where the Vice-Presidencies are needed and who will be above the
elected Governors and Mayors…

—And of
course, today Art. 318, 320 and 321 give the Central bank the power over
monetary matters, but this is not democratic enough, so that in the new
Constitution, this power is taken away from these bodies and given to…


All in the
name of democracy…

So, where
is the democracy? Fewer hours for the work day? The Avila will be renamed Guirara Repano? Central
Government Expropriations? Hydrocarbons can only be exploited by the State?

No, no, I
found it, it’s Art. 158:


El Estado
promoverá como politica nacional, la participación protagónica del pueblo,
transfiriéndole poder y creando las mejores condiciones para la construcción de
una Democracia Socialista.

(The State will promote as a national policy the
protagonic participation of the people, transferring to them the power and
creating the best conditions of a Socialist Democracy)

which, of course, can only be guaranteed by the indefinite
reelection of Hugo Chavez as proposed in Art. 230.

And that my friends is specific and democratic, in the
Chavista sense of the word (or is it the world?). Those two articles represent Chavez’ Democratic
offering in the proposed reform. Don’t look further, Art. 158 promotes it and
creates the best conditions, while Art. 158 guarantees it in the person of none other the
autocrat Hugo Chavez.

You don’t have to look any further.