Chavez and Marulanda’s death: Damn if he knew it, damn if he didn’t

May 25, 2008

Even in death, the Head of the FARC, Marulanda, seems to be
playing games with Hugo Chavez. You see, much like in his negotiations with the
FARC, that organization, not know for its clarity or sincerity, has not precisely
played along with Chavez’ interests. When Chavez’ buddy Piedad Cordoba says that neither she,
nor Chavez, knew that Marulanda had died, it shows once again that the FARC has
not dealt Chavez with a clean hand. This is much like when the kid Enmanuel was
said not to be in the hands of the FARC by Uribe, which was laughed at by
Venezuelan authorities, only to find out later that the FARC knew all long,
despite announcing they were about to release the kid, his mother and another

So, for Chavez it is a case of damn if you knew it, damn if
you didn’t, because clearly the FARC either told him and he kept it quiet, or
kept him from him, so what credibility does he have as negotiator with the
FARC? Does he really know Ingrid Betancourt’s stats or is he being led by the
FARC all the time?

Because one thing that comes through from the Reyes
documents is that the FARC feel that Chavez is competing with him and in the
end he has no business in Colombia as far as they are concerned.

Fortunately for Chavez, the Venezuelan Government had no
time to say much before the FARC confirmed the information given by Colombia’s
Minister of Defense Santos.

But one thing you can say, in this war of announcements and
accusations, the Colombian Government has proven to be absolutely reliable in
its announcements, while Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro is still arguing
whether Colombia neither did or not violate the country’s borders, which
Colombia denies.

Curiously, the US admitted that a US aircraft did violate
Venezuela’s airspace by mistake as it flew near the island of La Orchila. As a
reader points out in the comments and had been suggested to me before, could it
be that FARC Commander Ivan Marquez is being protected there by Chavez? In the same interview
in which Minister Santos said Marulanda was dead, he drew a parallel between
Reyes being in Ecuador and Marquez being in Venezuela, saying that they have told
the Venezuelan Government many times where Marquez is.

Would the Colombians dare to go to La Orchila and capture

Maybe they will wait until Mr. O gives them a hand on it.


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