Eduardo M. sends a bunch!

May 25, 2008

Eduardo sent a whole bunch of pictures, from his rochid room to his plants:

On the lfet his orchid, room, no wonder he sends so many flowers, on the right a specimen of Cattleya Gaskelliana concolor, magnificent!

On the left Cattleya Dowiana, I seem to kill it, on the right Den. Globuliferum

On the left, Akermania. On the right, Meryacylum Tenuifolium

On the left Cattleya Violacea, on the right Cattleya Violacea Icabaru.

On the left Cattleya Lobata from Brazil, on the right a very nice Cattleya Warnerii coerulea from Brazil

On the left, a flower of Masdevalia Tenuifolia, on the right a Vanda.

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