On its first year anniversay of the RCTV shutdown, we will not forget those that deny us our rights

May 25, 2008

Today is the one year Anniversary of the illegal and arbitrary shutdown
of TV station RCTV by the Chavez Government. The act was very costly
for Chavez as it not only showed his true colors to the world, but it
also upset his own supporters when he removed one of the few sources of
entertainment they had.

While foolish and imbecile pro-Chavez supporters still attempt to
defend the decision, the truth is that Chavez trampled all over the
country’s laws with that despicable act. Not only did he appoint
himself as telecom regulator, but he had the Courts take over and
confiscate RCTV’s equipment, which has received no compensation.

The equipment was given to the Government (surprise, surprise!) and so
was the broadcast frequency owned by RCTV. Chavez and his cheerleaders
claimed that the new Government channel, named TVES would easily
replace RCTV, but to this day, TVES has less than 2% of the viewer
rating, dismally below what RCTV used to have.

At the same time, the decision has been a windfall for cable and
satellite TV companies as the less affluent have gone to theses systems
and at least in the case of Direct TV, RCTV has become the number one
program, even if the company still loses money.

Because what the Government has really done is not only to restrict
free speech by illegally shutting down RCTV, but to increase its
control over all media. Venevision has become bland and neutral for
fear of being shut down. And VTV has become the voice of Chavez’ PSUV
party. Not only does it broadcast Chavez speeches and programs, but it
simply DOES NOT broadcast any opposing view to the Government. VTV used
to be the Government’s TV station, but it never was the party’s TV

Last week, a woman that claims to be a reporter, Vanessa Davies, but is
now a member of the Board of Chavez’ party PSUV , announced on her TV
program on TV, that viewers would have the chance to be presented and
“debate” on VTV their positions. Funny how Ms. Davies, a one time human
rights defender and denouncer, can now “forget” that to have a debate
you need two sides. Because no opposition figure can dare ask for time
on VTV, it is just not done, while Globovision does show what VTV is
saying and interviews pro-Government politicians and Government

But Ms. Davies will one day find out what “reporters” found in the
former Soviet Union, that it is not as easy to switch positions when
the house comes crumbling down and that those whose rights have been
abused and denied, tend to have very long memories.

And there are just too many of us…


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