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Theater of the absurd: Chavez Government to investigate Globovision for reporting earthquake

May 8, 2009

I will once again be silent for a few days as I leave Budapest, but I can’t help but write a brief note on what is definitely the most absurd thing to come our way in a while: The Government will investigate Globovision for its reporting of the earthquake last week and if sanctioned, could shut down the TV station for 72 hours or completely. 

Globovision reported the tremor (conspiracy?) and noted that the webpage of Funvisis, in charge of seismic research in Venezuela was down and there was no information from the Government. (The same was true last month when a tremor hit Caracas on a Saturday afternoon, I had to use information from the US)

According to the investigation, Globovision created “fear” and “panic” with its report of the physical event, but of course people were avid for information as VTV showed a pre recorded Chavez tirade at 5 AM that morning.

What Globovision did was to use data from the US Geological service and note that it was a strong earthquake from a fault that had been dormant. 

I guess soon,the media will not be able to  report shortages, rain, floods or crime…

What a stupid revolution!

(Imagine if Globovision, or any other media outlet dared to report on Chavez’ “other”, “great”, “Science” and “Technology” project, the overpriced Simon Bolivar satellite, wobbling in orbit as a symbol and monument of the stupidity and ignorance of the revolution)