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Too much going on tonight in Venezuela to blog without emotions (Mostly Pictures)

January 25, 2010

There are so many things going on in Venezuela tonight, that it is better to let pictures tell some of the stories as we await the detailed news.

In Caracas, this is the way people are watching the Caracas-Magallanes game of the finals of Venezuela’s baseball seaosn:

In Merida, a city of students, confrontations between police and students leads to the death of a student, a real tragedy no matter which side he is on. At this hour, the city is a battleground, students burn tires, more than 30 cars have burned and nothing will bring that young man to life now:

Meanwhile, far from all this mess, in Washington DC a “Chavez Tas Ponchao” sign was placed in front of the Venezuelan Embassy at 2409 California Ave.:

Oh yeah! I forgot, the Minister of Defense and Vice-President resigned today. So did the Minister of the Environment and the President of Banco de Venezuela who also had a position as “Something” for Public Banking. We now have Reyes Reyes as VP, a really radical General as Minister of Defense, and incompetent Jackie Farias, she of the water system (Don’t we have water shortages?) and a terrible job as Head of the Caracas Government, will now protect our Enviroment (from Chavez?)

Just another day in the failed robolution, more when I can digest all this. (Or when it can be digested)