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As Izarra laughs, this is the reality in Caracas’s morgue

August 13, 2010

As Izarra laughs (previous post) this is the gruesome picture at the Caracas morgue where 2177 bodies of victims of homicide have been admitted in the first six months of the year.

This number is triple of what it was in 1998 before Hugo Chavez rose to power. At the time, All of Venezuela had less than 9,000 deaths from homicides  a year, now Caracas alone is slated to have half as many, while the country is going towards 20,000-plus.

Are you still laughing Andres?

(And now they go after El Nacional for publishing the picture above, using children as an excuse. Who protects the children that get killed?)

And the World Women’s baseball tournament was suspended in Caracas, after a player from Hong Kong was shot while playing.