Supreme Rip-Off by Teodoro Petkoff » 20101019_TALC1_1_1_F1

One Response to “20101019_TALC1_1_1_F1”

  1. Serhat Says:

    Just a handful of tdrpaieiras is ok, you need then in order to stay in shape. LOL! that was a good one.The amount of envy these chimps feel over Maria Corina is overwhelming. They won’t recover from it in this lifetime. There is something with these marginales that make them feel an irrational anger towards someone educated, beautiful and very classy. The proper thing would be to follow her example, but that would be too much for Iris Varela. MCM time can and will come one day, and I for one will salute that. But IMHO she needs more political experience.

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