The Chavez revolution does not even have the people to mind the store. » arepera-socialista-5

2 Responses to “arepera-socialista-5”

  1. moctavio Says:

    I stopped at good for the masses…

    You have your problems, write a blog…

  2. Jay Jackon Says:

    Ya when something that is good for the masses that are not fallen victims to the ugly capitalistic system, oil and its benefits become “devil’s excrement” but when nations loathing and rolling in same oil, they are called “free” and “progressive” societies. If Juan Pablp Perez Alfonso can be quoted only to see the filth, ugliness, dehumanizing ingredients and its destructive results, just review the social make up and the unmatched exploitations of the American masses by the greed and corruption of Wall Street. From being the strongest and the most admired and envied nation on earth to the most debted nation of beggers with hands out to China and India. Hugo Chavez is a great study for those Americans who care for America and not the house of crooks and thieves known as “US Congress” and “the US Senate”.

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