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Maria Corina Machado Sticks Her Finger Into Hugo’s Eye…Again

January 18, 2012

Well, Maria Corina Machado was not content with her good performance on Friday and comes back to stick her finger in Hugo Chavez’ eyes with this wonderful, clear and succinct statement of why it is a “grave political error, a show of the lack of respect for Venezuela’s Armed Forces and a provocation” on Chavez’ part to name General Rangel Silva Minister of Defense.

Maria Corina then lists her very clear objections:

-General Rangel Silva’s administrative performance in previous positions has been put into question.

-There have been accusations and indications internationally about presumed links between irregular groups, this has to be cleared up.

-As a Venezuelan it is unacceptable, it is a mockery to the people of Venezuela for a General to say that he does not plan to recognize the will of the majority by their votes in the most important elections of the country’s history.

What will Hugo say this time: You have called me a provocateur!

To which she could answer, No Mr. President in this case, I am the provocateur!