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Revolutionary Olympic Travel Expenses

August 9, 2012

You have to love the revolutionary spirit of Chavez’ Government officials. While the fencing team, composed of six athletes and five trainers received 10,560 euros for their daily expenses while attending the Olympics and generating a gold medal, the document above shows how the “Sport Vice Minister for Performance” received all of 33 days of daily expenses to attend the Olympics in the amount of euros 10,368. We sure hope the Vice Minister did indeed improve someone’s performance while on vacation in London.

Of course, any regular Venezuelan who has to go to Europe for any reason, gets all of US$ 3,000 maximum for a trip, per year, to Europe at the official rate, no matter what the length of the trip may be or how noble the purpose may be. The Minister also gets some “extra” money, because clearly the regular stipend is insufficient to cover his travel expenses. regular people have no option to get any “extra”. The Minister also makes much more than a Full Professor at a Venezuelan University at Bs. 13,761 per month.

This are the new oligarchs, the ones that defend the revolution and its Supreme leader, el Saliente Presidente, for the simple reason that even if they admit the whole thing is a failure, the privileges they receive will disappear with its demise.

And the athletes? Who cares? They may not even be Chavistas!