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Mision Vivienda Was Not About Building Homes, It Was A Database For Getting Out The Vote

October 14, 2012

Well, at least Capriles “gets it” and understands that Mision Vivienda was not about building homes, or promising a home, but about constructing the perfect database to get the vote out on Oct. 7th. And it worked, when you registered for Mision Vivienda, you had to give out a very detailed address of where you lived. And you can bet that database will be used again in December and whenever. Someone that advises this Government knows the powers of these databases, from the Tascon/Chavez fascist list to now Mision Vivienda.

Said Capriles in today’s interview in El Universal:

“They have a brutal structure, honestly. On Sunday we saw it, in terms of the structure and the power of the Government. Everything! Which we had never seen used like this, they threw the house out the window (They spared no expense) and they obtained 55% of the vote. I don’t want to use this an excuse, but everyone that was in the Misión Vivienda, those that were in the misiones, they were all called, one by one. I had the voting lines checked and they were all PSUV voters. All of them! With the “Finish off” operation between 5 and 7 in the evening, they went door to door to get the people out to vote. ”

People want to talk about fraud, but it was all about abuse of power and organization. An organization that the opposition did not have the equivalent of in terms of size and or funding. The headline says it all, Capriles also said “A lot of campaigning without Capriles was needed” and that is not what happened. Many parties did not participate fully in campaigning or driving out their voters. Rather than be negative and say who did not, of those that participated in the primary, only Leopoldo Lopez went all out and of those running for Governor in December, Henri Falcón in Lara State did the best job, Parties did a good job in Merida, Tachira and Carabobo. The rest, not a great job, a half hearted effort, including most of the candidates in the Presidential primary, save for Diego Arria, who kept stomping around.

In 2006, abstention was 25%, this time around it was below 20%, that is close to one million more voters than in the 2006 election. Any pollster that said they got that right, is simply lying, because these people were mostly Chavistas. Preliminary numbers indicate that for each additional opposition voter in this lower abstention level, there were five pro-Chavez votes. Yes, five to one, some 900,000 votes for Chavez and only 200,000 for Capriles. Any pollster that was expecting 27% abstention, missed almost one million votes net in favor of Chavez, that is 7% more votes that they missed in Chavez’ favor. Because abstention would have favored the opposition. Jorge Rodriguez, Chavez’ campaign coordinator, even suggested in Rangel’s program today, that the opposition played the abstention card. And lost.

Maybe that is why Capriles decided to go back to Miranda. he may be safe there for a few years, but he needs to be elected Governor first. That Chavista machinery could elect just about anyone as President or even Governor, if they decided to use it fully. Sad, but true.