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Watch Out For The Rise Of Fascism In Venezuela

February 6, 2013


I have been trying not to write posts when I read some news of something happening in Venezuela and rather try to think about things longer, but I can’t fail to mention the fascist show that Diosdado Cabello presided over in the National Assembly yesterday.

The contents are almost irrelevant. To raise all of that fuzz about Primero Justicia and corruption in that party, only to end up accusing unknown members of even other parties and involving amounts that would not even be sufficient to pay for any of the watches Diosdado wears every day, is simply and absolutely ridiculous.

But what worries me, is the style that is being used. The power of the State media is used to raise issues days in advance, creating a supposed scandal, but giving no details about it. Then, when the moment comes, Diosdado becomes more like a Judge, using illegally obtained phone conversations, checks and papers and, before he is done, he is already issuing a guilty verdict, when nothing has been investigated or demonstrated.

These are corruption cases supposedly involving a few thousand dollar,s on the same day that one of the most serious economic firms in the country denounces that more than US$ 15 billion in fake imports took place in Venezuela in 2012 and on the same session that the Assembly refused to even discuss the Bs. 300 million check found in the hands of a former Iranian Finance Minister (More on both of these tomorrow)

But this seems to be the style of the new rulers of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello. Both are increasingly fascist and intolerant, making accusations out of thin air and each acting like the top man, both campaigning and speaking aggressively at every turn. They are “united”, but each has taken his own way, holding court, politicking, but neither doing their job, as the country drifts with nobody in charge.

And to me this indicates a level of insecurity that bodes badly for the country. As Chavez’ silence has now extended to 58 days, there is no clear leader, Maduro and Cabello are both jockeying for power, by trying to imitate their former boss (Maduro aggressive, Cabello back in military garb), whom they know will never return to give a speech, let alone to power.

And it is only going to get worse from here. These guys are willing to run over anyone to preserve power. And to do that, they don´t mind buying out or indicting Deputies, so that Chavismo can have the two thirds majority it needs to name the Comptroller, Justices of the Supreme Court and members of the Electoral Board.

This will only get worse, as the two leading figures in Chavismo try to out-fascistize each other. And once their all mighty deity is gone, it will become a free for all, “gangland style”, with others, mostly former military that hail from Tachira and Zulia,  getting involved. The all out fight within Chavismo will likely become like April 11th. but in slow motion. Everyone jockeying for position, everyone trying to come out on top and nobody knowing who is friend or foe, except for the tribe that needs to be eliminated: that of the opposition.

The opposition should try to stay out of it, except the attacks will be relentless and increase in their intensity and levels of fascist provocation, like the sorry spectacle at the National Assembly yesterday. But expect jailings, wiretaps, accusations and limitations in the ability of the opposition to set up a viable candidacy.

Things will get much, much worse, before they get any better. So, watch your back and be careful…