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The Dead Voted Massively Last October in Venezuela

June 2, 2013


While the Electoral Board (CNE) did not allow the opposition to look at the voting notebooks, nor has it released the details of the fingerprint system (SAI) data, which would reveal how many phantom votes took place last April, there are ways to infer that there were fake votes in the recent Presidential elections.

One of the biggest anomalies in the last two Presidential elections is that the number of polling stations in which 100% of the voters cast their ballots has been on the increase. In the October 2012 election (you can download the data here), a total of 48 “mesas” had all of their voters show up and vote, comprising 20,012 voters.

While the CNE has not released the data from the 2012 or 2013 fingerprint data, the data of who is still registered to vote is public and the data from the National Institute for Statistics on who is dead is also public. Well, someone in El Universal took the trouble to check how many dead voters were registered in the 48 mesas where 100% of the voters cast their ballot last October. A picture of the list is shown above, you can see the full list here, there were a total of 90 dead voters that resuscitated that day and went to vote.

Well, if 90 out of 20,012 voters that cast their ballots were dead, that extrapolates to 66,887 dead voters nationally, using the total numbers of voters cast (14,872,739) in October. Given that the number of dead people in theĀ  voting rolls is estimated to be 210,000, one can only conclude that dead voters went massively to the polls last October with 31.85% of them voting, despite the significant limitations to go and and vote associated with being dead. (To say nothing abut the state of your fingerprint)

Recall that Maduro “won” by 224,268 votes in April.If we assume that these same 66,887 votes, also were cast in April, plus who knows how many more fake pushes of the voting button by those that controlled the process, then the difference may have been quite small indeed (or changed sign!)

No wonder the CNE does not want to release the fingerprint data or have the voting notebooks checked!