As People Look For Pragmatism In Currency, Venezuelan Government Ready For More Controls » billete500

One Response to “billete500”

  1. Mariana Leon Marmol Says:

    It will destroy the remaining Venezuelan Capital and Foreign Investment simultaneously. It is the time to find new solutions and all of us must take into account that is no longer possible to think about the old and low level tricks, such as buying gold and buying parallel dollar at any price. There are better mechanisms to deal with currency that do not breach the law but I if people do not seriously seek a solution how can anyone help? It is simply not possible to establish economic “equality” (whatever that means to the red party) by means of repression and random amendments. The economy will always react and show the real facts, which at the moment are basically demonstrate a complete failure. Nevertheless, there is hope for Venezuelans, the tools to restructure financial and commercial operations are out there.

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