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If The Revolutionary System Is Too Complicated, Add Another Layer!

September 27, 2013


For a group of people that is incapable of managing even the simplest systems, Chavismo has proven quite adept at establishing controls systems for everything. It is truly amazing how they can be so creative and inventive to establish very complicated systems to monitor and control, but are incapable of managing a simple supply chain for example, for an arepera.

Yesterday, I was praising Chavismo in private, because for the first time, they were actually going to remove some layers of controls for imports, removing certain steps to request certificates necessary for any import request, as well as extending the validity of current certificates until December 31st.

But my joy lasted a very short time, when I learned today about the new invention of the CADIVI “creativity” department to stop the “raspaito” of credit cards without traveling. As you know, people are buying airline tickets, requesting the CADIVI dollars for travel and not using them (This requires folders, going to the bank, wasting half a day, going online many times, etc..). They take their credit card, send it with someone or have someone use it for them and voila, they exchange those dollars bought at Bs. 6.3 per US$ and sell it at a huge profit at six times that rate in the unmentionable market. With the difference, the price of the ticket is almost irrelevant.

Well, given the truculent mind of Chavista officials, here is what they are planning to do to stop “raspaitos”: They will set up fingerprint units at all international exit points of the country in airports, ports, roads. Then, as you exit immigration, you will activate your credit card with your fingerprint. The system will be connected to the national credit card system. In this fashion, the theory goes, only people that actually leave the country will have their credit card activated.


-What if the system is down when you leave?

-What if there is no electricity that day?

-What if the connection is down?

-There is no law stopping you from leaving the country and immediately going thru immigration, missing your flight and activating the card in the process.

and so many others…

And, of course, there will be a cost to implementing this whole thing, but who cares, we will have Patria and fingerprint systems and they will feel good about it!