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Venezuela Declares War On Twitter

November 3, 2013


It is somewhat ironic that while the Venezuelan Government has not made a single tweet about the NSA monitoring the email accounts of a bunch of Venezuelan politicians, it seems to have declared war on Twitter, with Maduro going as far as comparing the six thousand followers he lost to the “desaparecidos” of Latin American dictatorships and suggesting that this is a right wing attack led by Twitter. The whole thing is absurd and laughable, but at the same time makes you wonder what goes on in these people’s minds.

It all began with Maduro losing 6,000 followers recently, or about 0.4% of his followers in one of those periodic “clean ups” that Twitter does, erasing phantom users, unwanted users and those denounced by other twiteros as spam. But apparently Maduro’s experts on social media noticed the drop and decided to raise a stink. You have to wonder why such numbers are so important to the revolution and revolutionaries, you would think polls are more significant at this point.

And by now Maduro has mentioned the topic twice, Cabello once (Did you know Twitter has country heads and Venezuela’s is Ravell’s son of Chigüire Bipolar fame?) and they are by now proposing an alternative Twitter, which I guess will be called either or

But you really have to wonder what motivates these guys, after all, Maduro has north of 1.4 million followers, which in itself shows how democratic Twitter really is and how insignificant the number of followers really is. I mean, Katy Perry has 30 times Nicolas’ followers, topping Justin Bieber. Do you need further proof of how meaningless followers are?

But beyond that, do they really want to make fool of themselves creating another “alternative” social network for radicals? Who would use it? Don’t they realize how competitive the social network world is? I mean, social networks were invented, funded and developed by capitalists, few of which had the “good” of the world as their goal. In fact, most of them are looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow.

And you have to wonder what happened to the alternative to Facebook, called Face Popular, rather than, which last I looked was something like the 80,000th. most important website in the world. Compare, for example with El Universal, which is the 2,458th. most important website in the world. (I mean, beats face popular hands down!) But perhaps one has to wonder why Facepopular links to all important social networks in its own website or why Minister Iris Varela announced the website via, of all places, Twitter.

I mean, calling Maria Corina, Leopoldo and Henrique “La Trilogía del Mal” is laughable enough, more so when Diosado Cabello, who does look like a really bad guy, does it, but involving Twitter in a plot against Maduro is mostly laughable, except it also makes you feel like weeping from embarrassment.

More ominously, I wonder if Maduro knows that Twitter will be going public in the next couple of weeks? Maybe the only reason is to have the funds to further attack Nicolas. I mean, with the billion dollars that will be raised, Twitter could probably wipe out half of Maduro’s followers.

And I bet they would not even notice!