Lying As A Revolutionary Way Of Life In Venezuela

July 5, 2014


Lying has long been a way of life for Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution. The country is still unsure of when and where Hugo Chávez died, let alone what ailed him or what complications eventually killed him. He was reelected knowing his days were counted, but it did not matter, lying, cheating and ripping off the people and the country has been institutionalized as a way of perpetuating the leadership in power. Not the revolution, because the revolution has been dead for quite a while. Only the leadership matters.

By now, the lying is so blatant, that the Government and its representatives don’t even attempt to cover it up. They just simply don’t address those issues in which they are flagantrly caught cheating, deceiving and lying. They hope that their total control of traditional media will impede the exposure of the lies reaching their supporters. And they do get away with it.

The lying and deceiving seems to be accelerating with the total impunity that reigns in the country. Comptrollers don’t control, Prosecutors don’t prosecute, People’s Defenders don’t defend, Highest Courts are lowly beings, the Supreme Command of the revolution forges and presents evidence against its enemies.

As it accelerates we see more and more cases, where the lack of scruples and deception prevail. This week as I was in Caracas was no different, with too many cases which dramatize the decrepit morality of the failed Bolivarian revolution. To wit:

–The faking of emails and evidence presented by the supreme command of the revolution.

The top members of the revolution, including the President’s wife who happens to be a lawyer, appear on TV, acting as accusers and judges, presenting “evidence” of a conspiracy to get rid of Maduro. The evidence is quite flimsy in that the texts themselves are not as explicit as suggested. The Prosecutor accuses a few days later, despite the accused suggesting the emails are fake. Then, one of those accused gets an order for Google to turn over the content of his emails in the company’s servers. Google complies. The text of the email is not what was presented by the Supreme command, others are not even present in the servers. The Venezuelan Government, all the way to the very top, has fabricated evidence as well as violating due process, the right to defense and all that.

The Government does not even bother to deny any of it.

–Ozone corruption

The Governor of Vargas State sets up a company to buy some equipment to purify air at Maiquetia airport with ozone. In order to pay for the equipment, a new tax of Bs. 127 has to be paid by each passenger. Never mind that this should be the domain of the Airport’s Administration and Institute. Never mind that Ozone has been shown to be harmful in air purification. Never mind that passengers are paying for a service that is not even in place yet. The system is implemented badly. The first day, the cash collected by the State is robbed after passengers have to wait in line a couple of hours.

Nobody explains, nobody apologizes, nobody answers the criticism.

–The Phantom buyers of El Universal

Imagine a country where there is basically no foreign investment. Where you can’t repatriate profits. There is no newsprint. Despite this, a phantom Spanish group owned by a phantom company, whose board is unknown, whose website was created recently and still is mostly empty links, decides to pay 90 million euros for Caracas daily El Universal. Never mind that owning a newspaper has become a terrible business. Never mind that the Washing Post was sold for about double this amount. We are supposed to believe that this invisible “investment” group looked at Venezuela and decided it was a good place to lose some money by investing in this newspaper. And despite the restrictive laws of Venezuela for media purchases, including a ban on foreign ownership of media, El Universal is the third media outlet, after Globovision and Cadena Capriles, to be sold with not even a Tweet by the Government.

Nor should you expect one.

–Suspected murderers go free, democratic protesters stay in jail

A student watching a demonstration is shot in the face by two National Guardsmen armed with pellet guns, similar to those banned in many places in the world to control demonstrations. The two suspects have been identified out of the group of twenty three controlling that demonstration. Yesterday, the two Guardsmen are released on their own recognizance, with the requirement that they have to show up at the Court every week. This is the same requirement that Teodoro Petkoff has because someone wrote an article in the newspaper he directs, purportedly saying that the Head of the National Assembly said something he did not. Meanwhile, according to human rights organization Foro Penal, there are still 113 students in jail for protesting since February 14th. of this year.

No one in Government will even try to explain this. It is called Bolivarian justice.

19 Responses to “Lying As A Revolutionary Way Of Life In Venezuela”

  1. shrillary clinton Says:

    well….with Delta and other airlines shutting down ops in Venz it looks like you all will have to hire a pirogue to sneak you over to Trinidad to fly out of Piarco…..

  2. […] Lying As A Revolutionary Way Of Life In Venezuela […]

  3. xp Says:

    By Sory Arias
    8:50 a.m.
    When you lack money then insulting the empire will end.
    But it is not new, the United States is the country that
    buys oil from us at international oil price
    and pays cash and dollars.
    PDVSA has in the United States more than 3,000 gas stations,
    and when we do not produce
    our refineries sell gasoline.
    When we do not have rice
    imperio sell it to us.
    But to deceive LIE to people by insulting
    the empire brings in the vote.
    from el universal …
    [Por Sory Arias
    8:50 AM
    Cuando hace falta plata ahí se terminan los insultos al imperio. Pero no es nuevo, los Estados Unidos son el país que nos compra petróleo a precio internacional y nos paga al contado y en dólares. PDVSA tiene en Estados Unidos más de 3.000 gasolineras, y cuando nuestras refinerias no producen nos venden gasolina. Cuando no tenemos qué comer nos venden arroz. Pero para engañar a la gente hay que insultar al imperio: da votos.]

  4. Sad is that this bug, this way to operate, this way to live is becoming natural for all of Latin America. From Argentina to Peru, from Brazil to Chile the same phenomena goes on. Lying as a way of life. Nobody is held responsible, nobody goes to jail, no action is taken. Look at the Chavez, or Toledo, or Kichtners scions. They walk around the world like gods.

    The trilogy of evil Lula, Castro and Chavez have spearheaded imitators from Bachelet to Evo, from Ollanta to Nestor and so on. Voters seem fixated and nothing seems to stop our crumbling societies.

  5. Very simple: Thieves lie, manipulate and will do anything to continue stealing.

    Anything you want to understand about the “Revolution” can be explained that way: Stealing $$$$$.

  6. m_astera Says:

    Around a dozen years ago I read a book that claimed that although it is easy enough for us to recognize people who are less intelligent than we are, we do not have the ability to recognize those who are more intelligent. Perhaps this is why the government thinks they can get away with accusing people based on fake emails—those fabricating the hoax, and those they are presenting it to, do not have the mental ability to see that there are others more intelligent than them who can easily disprove the hoax.

    That said, one of the more important things in favor of the Venezuelan people is the lack of intelligence and competence in the government. Imagine how dangerous they would be if they were smart and competent.

    • anagrammatt2 Says:

      Wow…! I bow to that ! Only animals do not know of something more intelligent than themselves!

      You never should think by the looks somebody is more or less intelligent than you are ! You could get a bad surprise!

      I am still surprised of Venezuela, Venezuelan’s and Chavistas + Chavez! And Maduro is still not far into it yet! But all is under control so far!

      But I have been thought of to be dumb! Obviously !

      • anagrammatt2 Says:

        Generally if you are a hunter, you can outsmart and trap or kill any animal…!

        Can you outsmart or kill a human easily in normal society ? Yes and even the more intelligent ! WHY? BECAUSE IN NORMAL SOCIETY, WE ARE NOT ARMED AND VIGILANT NORMALLY TO ATTACKS…! IT IS NOT NORMALLY EXPECTED !

        Now, you can even outsmart a intelligent human, but a real intelligent human might not be easy to outsmart!

        Do not count on outsmarting me! Death is only a vehicle to no more suffering! But I am not a martyr for any belief or religion, nor suicidal!

        My work is done with all the good intentions! Any bad results is not my fault!

    • IURM Says:

      M, the email hoaz was for internal domestic consumption. There are people in the government more skilled and adept at this kind of deception. This really looks like it was cooked up by someone new (Tarek and his hackers) and approved by someone like Cilia Flores. Someone like Eva Golinger would have never let this fly. I doubt everyone in that presentation (the ten) was on board with this but they had no choice but to play along. Rodriguez has done a lot of deceptions campaigns and he had to know this one was flimsy they are not that dumb. The smartest one you dont hear about because they are busy linining pockets. I agree with what you say that this was done by a couple of dumbasses.

  7. LGL Says:

    another good one is Ramirez’s claim that PDVSA earnings went up 150% in 2013 (he forgot to say that oil revenue declined yoy):

  8. What Chávez brought to Venezuela was mostly Fidel Castro´s ideas. Fidel Castro is a stalinist with imperialist dreams. Ive always felt Venezuela had no future. I knew chavismo was like cancer, it was going to destroy the country. And I knew the opposition was divided and unable to deal with the Cubans. And make no mistake about it, Venezuela has been invaded and taken over by Cubans. If you want to know what Venezuela will be like in the future, look at Cuba. And there´s nothing you can do about it. Nobody will come from the outside to help you, you won´t have what it takes to force the Cubans out, and the Cubans (and Maduro) won´t have what it takes to manage the economy, so all you´ll have left is a nightmare.

    • Dean A Nash Says:

      Unfortunately, I think you’re right. The amount of direct bloodshed that any successful eradication would need is beyond what most people can stomach. And sadder still, an even greater amount of pain and suffering awaits the country on its current trajectory.

  9. anagrammatt2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anagrammatt2 and commented:
    Your history of Venezuela, etc., here since Aug. 2002 is a huge archive value !

    I was thinking that you can find more dirt of a country only in Asia or Arabia…!

  10. anagrammatt2 Says:

    You can make archives of your blog !

  11. anagrammatt2 Says:

    Se puede hacer archivos de su blog !

  12. Pedro Blanco Says:

    … and Giordani’s little “admission” that seems to have gone “un-noticed”…

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