Chavismo: No Scruples, No Compassion

March 10, 2015

So many things happening, where does one begin? Today, there is only one place, this remarkable statement by Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS

When I am trying to understand what happened to compassion among other Venezuelan Government officials, here comes this well educated, Christian(?), who used to lead missions looking for peace in Central America, and makes such a crude statement, full of hate, describing how a bullet would go faster through the empty head of someone from the opposition.

How did Mr. Chaderton convert to fanatical revolutionary? At which point, his ambition, his thirst for power, turned him against over half of the population of the country? When did Mr. Chaderton lose part of his humanity? If it can happen to him, who had all of the tools, education, idealism, religion, to respect and have compassion for his fellow Venezuelans, what can we expect from the less educated, militaristic, ideological members of Chavismo.

Even worse, can we turn his around? Can we make Venezuela a country where everyone respects everyone. Where opinions are voiced without eliciting violent responses?

I really don’t know.

I wanted to write about the interpretations of the Maduro-Obama clash. But does it matter? In the big scale of things, the current conflict between Maduro and Obama and all of its nuances, seems simply irrelevant.

How far are these guys willing to go preserve their power? When the response to the ban from the US of the Head of the intelligence police for human rights violations is to name him Minister of Interior and Justice. Who cares about strategies and whether Obama should or should not have issued the ban in response to Maduro’s demand that he reduce the members of the US Embassy in Venezuela?

Once again, it boils down to no compassion and no scruples. Chavismo lacks both. Maduro is at this moment addressing the National Assembly so that it gives him Enabling Powers to fight US imperialism. In reality, he is asking for an Enabling Bill, so that when the opposition wins the upcoming Parliamentary elections, whenever they are held, he can go and change any and all Bills that take away powers from the National Assembly. This is simply a variation on what I predicted three weeks ago, except that I thought Maduro would let the Assembly legislate, but instead, he wants to control the process. He has even less scruples that I assumed.

That is Chavista Democracy. If the other side wins, take away the victory via subterfuge. And call UNASUR so that they certify that what you did is legal.

Meanwhile, the explicit mention by Fincen that at the Banca Privada d Andorra, the bank used schemes to help siphon off US$ 2 billion from PDVSA, is not even news in Venezuela (Self-Censorship?). Two billion, ten billion, twenty billion. Who cares? Maybe those responsible now occupy very high positions in PDVSA.

There are no medicines, but the Government will buy 20,000 fingerprint machines to control purchases at supermarkets. And so on..

Each one of these would be a story in itself under normal conditions. But things ceased being normal in Venezuela long ago. And when those running the show have neither scruples nor compassion, the end can only be a tragedy. An even bigger tragedy that the one Venezuela is living today.



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  1. Kepler Says:


    Anything to say to this money?

    It seems to me too little too late for the 2015 elections, in case we do have elections this year

    • Miguel Octavio Says:

      Well, Maduro, the President said in January he got 20 billion, now this unnamed source in Pdvsa says 10 billion. Either one or both are lying. The first 5 billion is a renewal everyone expects. I think thats the number.

  2. Rick Flowers Says:

    The ridiculous narrative of the wicked gringos coming to steal the oil has benefitted the left in Latin America for decades. It plays on inherent racial hatred that is left over from colonialism and deep paranoid fears that go back into the now way past Cold War era. Why does the US need to steal Venezuelan oil when it gets ALL IT WANTS EVERY DAY (day after day after day endlessly the tankers go north) by buying it? How would it steal it? Would the oil in the ground be quickly put into tankers overnight and spirited away? The chavista government has no right to imprison and kill anyone who opposes it and it has no right to destroy the lives of half of the country with its stupid 50.1 per cent democracy that it views as a LICENSE TO KILL!. The most comical aspect of Marxism has always been its blind refusal to admit its mistakes and its desperate search for scapegoats when anything goes wrong. It’s like when the guy sitting next to you cuts a BIG FART. When people turn around to see where it came from, he points at you! We are all dying to see which bush the CIA agents are hiding behind! The fact of the matter is that these days, the US is content to sit idly by laughing while the communists fall on their stupid butts again.

    • pookeye Says:

      I wholly agree with this post, Rick states it perfectly, there is little to no incentive for the US to invade Venezuela, for the simple fact that at the end of the day, Venezuela is sending crude oil to the States as much as it possibly can make…. (which we all know since Chavez, production fallen severely..) all that the USA has to do is just wait and laugh at their every move, with crude prices down, and Venezuela’s value has diminished, there is no reason to do anything, let the people of venezuela rise up against its own government..

  3. PSF ALERT Says:

    But Halnon herself had plenty to say when we reached her on Tuesday morning.

    Can you comment on your arrest and on the videos of you on the plane that are circulating?

    I do have a comment. I know that I expressed an act of civil disobedience. But that act was necessary.

    Why so?
    I’m very knowledgable about that part of the world. I teach about U.S. imperialism in Latin America. And the U.S. has declared war against Venezuela. That means military aggression. They tried to take out Hugo with a coup, and then they took him out with cancer.
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    It is my opinion — and Fidel agrees with me …

    As in Castro?
    Yes, Fidel agrees with me that the CIA had some involvement in giving him cancer, and so he died very sadly. And now Nicolas Maduro is the president and the U.S. somehow thinks this is a better position for the U.S. now.

    It’s not?
    No, what they don’t realize is that Maduro is carrying on the revolution. It’s not like Raul in Cuba. There is every intention of carrying on the revolution. Fifty more years.

    What is the revolution revolting against?
    The problem is U.S. military global domination. And they want the oil. And they want the water. And so I found that this act was a necessary Thoreau-like act of civil disobedience. I had to speak out now. The situation is dire and urgent, and any sacrifice I make for my own self, if it saves lives — there have been far too many lives lost due to U.S. global military domination.

    What happened once you landed in Miami?
    The FBI and TSA tortured me. My voice generally doesn’t sound like this. I was put in a room with two fans in the ceiling, it was freezing cold for hours and hours and hours. I asked repeatedly to go to the bathroom. They made me wet my pants. They humiliated me. And then to make matters worse, I have a stomach condition. Everything that comes in goes out. I’ve been like that for months since I left Cuba. I’ve lost over 30 pounds. And I was yelling that I had to go to the bathroom. But they ignored me, and I defecated on the floor. And they made me pick it up and laughed at me.

    That’s awful. But what of the cigarette? One reporter who covered your actions said that lighting a cigarette on a plane is just a little better than yelling “BOMB!”
    Why did I have a lighter if there is such great national security? It was right in the top of my book bag.

    Listen, the point is, I am a sociologist, and I live in an intellectual world. A sociologist always thinks in terms of symbols. And every revolutionary I know smokes. It was identifying with the revolutionary cause. And then, beyond that, it is a symbol that the United States is a smoking gun. The action was necessary. They are going to kill many more people.

    Some people would look at that video and wonder if you were under the influence of a substance. And I know you pleaded guilty in 2013 in Horsham Township to public drunkenness. Do you have a substance abuse issue?
    No. I do not have a substance abuse issue. I have had many sufferings in my life, but no. I had a little bottle of wine on the plane that I mixed with apple and cranberry juice over three drinks. A spritzer, if you will. But I wasn’t drunk. I don’t need alcohol to protest. This is my life.


    • HalfEmpty Says:

      As Ira or Barney Fyfe would say:
      “Oh I understand now, she’s a nut!”.

    • Island Canuck Says:

      There are so many gems in that piece.

      Has she always been that looney or just when she reached 50 like my ex wife? Lack of hormones can be devastating.

      “And every revolutionary I know smokes.”
      What a great excuse to smoke on a plane.

      “Everything that comes in goes out. I’ve been like that for months since I left Cuba.”
      That must be due to Cuba’s high health standard.

  4. Dept of Homeland Sanity Says:

    btw, anyone notice Eva Golinger is in Cuba? Ya no se puede comunicar por email.

    • Boludo Tejano Says:

      Sounds like a match for our friend Eugene. Wouldn’t you know it, she’s a Sociology professor.

  5. Dept of Homeland Sanity Says:

    ***PSF ALERT*** (Video)

    another day, another crazy chavista at MIA….

  6. Oscar Goldman Says:

    Eugene and Golinger son comunistas reencauchados. These supporters are in for a big surprise.

  7. Oscar Goldman Says:

    Cat’s out of the bag… last paragraph is the strategy:

    What happens is in Maduro’s hands. If he remains insolent then he should refrain from attending the summit. Obama is the world’s most powerful person. Putin lost that title. Obama will enter the summit a winner.

    • Ira Says:

      I don’t buy it, because it’s based on a tenuous premise, that Cuba really does want reconciliation.

      I don’t disagree with the latest U.S. action…I don’t believe the U.S. should refrain from certain actions out of fear of offending and galvanizing those against us…and Cuba’s immediate anti-U.S. reaction shows, once again, that a leopard can’t change its spots.

      Castro can’t have an opening up, because it will expose too much. (As a parallel and analogy, and agreeably not on the same level of severity, think Nazi concentration camps). Cuba will continue to play by the same playbook; it’s all they know.

      So I don’t expect the VZ affair to be pushed to the back-burner at the summit, but as always, to be used to bash the U.S., and show that Cuba has been “right” all along.

      • Noel Says:

        Who knows. But Maduro is no Chavez when it comes to handling the media, and the leaders of Brazil and Argentina are in very dire straights. That leaves Correa and Morales to make noise with Maduro.

      • Roy Says:

        I think Cuba really does want to open up to the U.S., albeit on their own terms. I think that there is pressure to do this within their own regime. Even they can figure out that Venezuela isn’t going to hold out much longer and continue subsidizing them. Fidel is no longer a significant factor, and Raul does not have the clout to dictate policy all by himself.

        • Ira Says:

          Raul has stated, in exact words, that Cuba will undergo no changes in respect to these talks.

          Why do people think this means something else than what he actually said?

          Saddled with his Iran talks debacle, these U.S.-Cuba talks are going nowhere, because the Cubans aren’t giving anything.

          And Obama is president, not King.

        • Ira Says:

          From what I’ve been ready today, it points towards my opinion above. That there will be a full and dramatic anti-U.S. push at the summit. And kind of surprisingly, or maybe not:

          It’s now not a given that Obama will even attend.

  8. odette Says:

    Why does Eugene sound so much like Golinger to me????? Why is “it” pushing a website…. Why does “it” not go back to Venezuela to give proper SUPPORT to the family…Why is “it” pushing so much anger??? Things that make you ho “hmmmmm”
    IRA: I dump the PAN into air tight containers when I buy. When I do the shopping this coming week I will check & take pics. Admittedly, what you said does make a lot more sense to me. Tx does have large ports-I thought maybe Louisiana.

  9. […] Chavismo: No Scruples, No Compassion […]

  10. Roy Says:

    O.T.: Following is a very interesting article about quiet reforms taking place within PDVSA led by Eulogio del Pino.

  11. metodex Says:

    I love this bot campaign to wash Chaderton’s face on all social media and blogs. You can really hear the machinery behind every comment, don’t waste time talking to these people folks.

  12. Roy Says:

    I’m not sure what the point of your comment is. I downloaded the pdf. A search of the document shows that on page 10 it contains a brief, but accurate, statement of the current economic and political situation in Venezuela. There is nothing there that anyone who follows Venezuela does not know.

  13. RK Says:

    12 MARCH 2015.

    This is reality.

  14. Rodney King Says:

    Phil Agee was a team leader for the Cubans in Grenada. He was running the show alongside another Cuban military guy who was also captured. Fidel honored the captured guy after his return then sent him to Angola in anger (for surrendering in Grenada). I also know the guy who was in the unit that captured the Cuban…. a nicaraguan-american FL ST Trooper: Ralph Lola.

  15. Rodney King Says:

    In the interview, Eva rambles about Operation Urgent Fury, the 1983 United States–led invasion of Grenada. Eva Golinger was mentored by CIA turncoat Phil Agee. They showed each other around Cuba and Venezuela. This tidbit has never been publicly told: Phil Agee was involved in Grenada on behalf of the Cubans. His Grenadian passport was found during search of Grenada government offices post invasion. They guy who found it was w/State Dept is now mayor of Coral Gables.

  16. Rodney King Says:

    Eva Golinger speaks:

    btw, I don’t really pay attention to her. She’s amusement

  17. Esteve Says:

    Creo que Maduro mas que Chavez will take after Putin, al-Assad and Fidel in the blood and guts dept. meaning he will maim and kill to stay in power. They are one big family…it’s not like the dictator and his family will have to pack their bags and go into exile. They did good by spreading the wealth (relatively speaking) and compromising all.

  18. Esteve Says:

    Fidel was fucking crazy (and still is). HCF was fucking crazy before taking office. Maduro is worse than Chavez in the violence dept.

  19. Esteve Says:

    Miguel, aqui en el imperio no usamos mucho la palabra “compassion” en esto contexto. La palabra aqui es “empathy.” The regime is unempathic or lacking empathy. The regime has no empathy. This is a pathological regime. It is highly narcissistic, grandiose, delusional, malignant and sociopathic. Lets see how crazy they get. I think they’re capable of getting a lot crazier like Manuel Noriega crazy.

  20. Ronaldo Says:

    If Chaderton was in the opposition and said those same words except reversing Chavistas and opposition, he would be accused of fomenting violence, working for the United States, and part of a plot to kill Maduro. Then he would be put in jail without a trial.

    But since he is a Chavista, he will get a bonus in his next paycheck.

  21. President Obama said that the US must have thevstr9ngest military in order to twist the arms of other countries so that they do what we need them to do. Google it. Oh by the way there are a bunch of US Marines in Peru on a supposed anti drug mission. I think it’s a fairly safe bet that there is an advance incognito Rambo esque US presence in Venezuela right now,

    • Miguel Octavio Says:

      No, President Obama issued an order (he did not say, because he did not annouce it himself) relating to Venezuela. None of what you say is in that order . You are paranoid and a BS artist. Again, go away, please. You aremaking a dramatic extrapolation to satisfy your desires. Obama has notmentioneduse of force in relation to Venezuela.

      • Miguel Octavio Says:

        BTW, the order was issued by the Treasury Department, so much for your bullshit use of the word “military” , “twisting arms”. Go elsewhere with your bullshit please. This blog and post are about Venezuela, can you ever focus?

      • pookeye Says:

        anyways, its nice that Miguel leaves his posts here… its great to view, so that the audience can see the difference.. Miguel really is a saint here… People like Eugene is the reason why I cannot never be a super leftist.. hell even a far right wouldnt work for me cause they are literally the same as the far left.. both stop using logic.

  22. RRojas Says:

    All along this regime I have seen many respectful people in Venezuela go down so much in the human moral scale. Roy Chaderton is just an example and, in my opinion, there are more prominent ones. Though, I agree with the blogger that Chaderton comments mark a new low for repulsive statements made by a government official. And it does not matter how educated you are. Do you remember in the 80s-90s that moral beacon called Jose Vicente Rangel? Lecturing the country about decency on national TV, exposing government corruption scandals, abuses of power, crimes, etc, etc. The fearless journalist. Our very own Ed Murrow. I won’t lie to you: I had him in high esteem and respect. Have you seen what he has become since he has been associated with this government? How about Aristobulo isturiz? The humble teacher. Another moral anchor and fighter against the AD-Copei corruption. A fortress of rectitude. Did anyone listen to him not long ago saying that in Venezuela the only reason there are people queuing in the streets is because there is something to buy? In other words, there are no shortages. Just people with money wanting to buy more and more. The list goes on and on with plenty of examples of how political power corrupts and changes men. At times, it gets so extreme that it is almost surreal. Situations like the one Venezuela has been suffering for more than a decade, if nothing else, allow you to separate the honest from the opportunist, the strong from the weak, the fighter from the quitter, true patriots from traitors.

    • Iguana Master 7000 Says:

      I am not sure which JVR you are talking about. If you are talking about the one I think you are, then you really don’t know who he was and is.

      Fortress of rectitude? In the 80’s that POS would use his “investigative journalism” to extort money.

      In the 60’s he liked nothing better than to rob banks, ditto for the 70’s.

      JVR was an evil, lying self serving scumbag way before Chavez.

  23. I believe he was talking about a round fired by an American Sniper – that it would not distinguish betwuqeen the cranium of a Chavista and the cranium of a squalid person, but that it would penetrate the squalid cranium quicker since unlike the Chavista cranium it’s empty.

    This might be a way of saying that the squalids have called the snipers against the Chavistas, not being capable of understanding that they’ve helped make targets of themselves too.

    • Charly Says:

      Eugene, you were an old fart them, so imagine what you are now. Please leave the space for the younger generation.

  24. Chaderton Bear Says:

    Maduro could parade Ledezma on live television, pronounce him guilty of treason and personally put a bullet through his head and UNASUR would not change its tune.

  25. The “organized” opposition is now chanting “U.S. intervention”, after keeping silent about the Cuban occupation of the country and about the mortgage of oil resources to China. The case of Venezuela seems hopeless, with a bunch of gangsters in power and a bunch of members of the “opposition intoxicated with inferiority complexes and extreme leftist, anti-U.S.ideologies.

  26. Dean A Nash Says:

    Miguel, vis-a-vis Eugene, you have the patience of a saint – perhaps you should run…

    For more than a decade I’ve advised my Venezuelan friends, if at all possible, to move (out of Vz.). So this isn’t a new message, only its urgency is 100X greater.

    To my Venezuelans friends, IF you can leave, LEAVE NOW. Not next month, not next week, not even manana. LEAVE NOW. NO MATTER the cost. For nothing is as precious as Liberty.


    Stay and prepare to fight for your freedom. It isn’t free, and its cost is very high – usually in the blood of saints.


    Stay and live live a subservient animal.

  27. http://Www.redeyetaxi.

    This comment also has nothing to do with the post

  28. Juan Largo Says:

    What Noel said: It will take a saint to unite the country. And as we have all heard, “A house divided must fall.” But so long as Eugene’s of the world keep spewing their bosh, there is no hope for a reconciliation. As they say in psychology, when a person always blames the problem on external sources, a personality disorder is typically in the offing. Chavez was a classic gran narcissist. The Maduro regime feels more like a borderline racket, with a side order of ignoramus. As he said, there is no medicine (my daughter is doing her MD internship in Venezuela so I know this is true), but hey, those imperialists…

    Caramba pues…


    • Ira Says:

      What I never thought about until now is that for decades, we’ve been reading about the miracle of the Cuban pharmaceuticals industry.

      Was this all a lie, all along, since Cuba isn’t helping VZ meet its medicine needs?

      • Daveed Says:

        What miracle of the Cuban pharmaceuticals industry? I have personally delivered a small suitcase of basic medicines to a random Cuban health post outside Havana, which they absolutely needed and for which they were profusely grateful. If you go, the cuban doctors requested the following basic pharmaceuticals, which they were unable to obtain:

      • HalfEmpty Says:

        Like Daveed my wife has muled in 100 lbs duffle bags of Tylenol, Asprin, anti-bacterial soap even antacids (really needed) to Cuba, usually twice a year.

  29. FrankPintor Says:

    Eugene, if your friends’ and relatives’ lives and well-being weren’t in doubt before now, then they are doing exceedingly well for Venezuela.

    • Not that life has ever been a bowl of cherries for most Venezuelans and definitely it’s not one now and I actually agree that there is plenty of blame to go around. It doesn’t yet quite reach the intensity of a blockade or of having helicopter gun ships strafing the streets of Caracas. That’s exactly what Obama has now authorized himself to do. Are you for that or are you against it?

      • Miguel Octavio Says:

        There is no Blockade except in your mind, there is a ban against seven Venezuelan Government officials from going to the US. Your stupidity is remarkable. Can you point out where is the text of such authorization, or please leave.

      • pookeye Says:

        I honestly dont get where he thinks USA would invade venezuela, venezuela is about to implode on its own.

  30. Noel Says:

    Not only did Chavismo ruin the economy, it fractured the country. Even a moderately competent, but honest, new government could do much better for the economy. The real challenge will probably be to unite the country again.

  31. Bernard Hood Says:

    Obama said no such thing. Your declared concern for your relatives and friends is baseless. You are creating fictional scenarios so that you can wallow in self-pity,

    • Pants on fire or Google is your friend.

      • Bernard Hood Says:

        Gobbledegook instead of meaning? For you, it’s probably the best strategy

        • The United States must have the strongest military on earth so “we” can “twist the arms” of countries that “wouldn’t do what we need for them to do.” Thus says our Nobel Peace laureate president. Learn about that on my blog.

      • Drunk Says:

        “Pants on fire or Google is your friend.”

        Indeed it is!!

        Perhaps the video will get you a record contract (apparently the run for mayor did not work out that well.)

        “Mean Gene “the dancin’ machine” Weixel Announces His Candidacy for Mayor of New York”

        You seem to be upset by “stop and frisk” but not by opposition candidates randomly locked up.
        Stick with writing letters to the editor of the Village Voice about alternate side parking rules being antiMoaist.

  32. Given the USA has an historical profile of mass murder in Vietnam and Iraq and a history of assisting murderous puppet regimes from Mexico to Argentina it cannot come as a surprise to see speech and action that “dog whistles” or overtly requests such “assistance” be delivered evokes rage. A relatively small and weak Venezuela has been put into the potential cross hairs . President Obomber says that Venezuela is such a threat to the United States that he must declare a national emergency. I have relatives and friends in Venezuela whose lives and well being is now in doubt. Those who have been working towards this moment shouldn’t insult people’s intelligence by feigning innocence, naïveté and surprise about it.

    • Miguel Octavio Says:

      What the hell are you talking about, are they relatives of the seven people banned from the US?

      • You damned well understand that the US is capable of murdering hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan people, that it’_s capable of instituting cruel trade and financial restrictions on Venezuela just the same as it has slapped onto the general populations of Russia and Iran causing more hunger, deaths for lack of medicine etc. Those who have helped egg on the U S right are going to share responsibility for this suffering with Marci Rubio and that whole Union City / Miami axis as well as Obomber. has.html

        • Miguel Octavio Says:

          Eugene, this blog is not about the US, it is about Venezuela. If you want to rant about the US , go to US blogs. If you note, I say the clash between Obama and Maduro is irrelevant, so your comments have nothing to do with this post and with reality. So, please dont fill the comments with material which has nothing to do with the blog. The US is not going to invade Venezuela. Obama has punished seven corrupt Government officials who also happen to be human rights violators by banning them from entering the US and freezing their revolutionary assets in the US, so please start your own blog or go rant somewhere else about non sequiturs and your paranoia.

          • Can’t take it, huh?
            http://Www.redeyetaxi. has.html?m=1

            • Ira Says:

              Your link proves how you’re wrong, as always:

              It doesn’t work–server not found.

              Exactly how stupid ARE you!?

            • pookeye Says:

              his blog is a bunch of crap, he is making it sound like the USA is out to get the poor old venezuelans, when in fact, only 7 individuals of no important are being blocked from the states and their properties seized.. Venezuela is still selling their Oil to the states, and buying gasoline from the states and buying all sorts of products from the US… why would US even bother with Venezuela, venezuela still sells oil and uses that money to buy shit from US… which gets returned back…. so US gets oil and products sold… there is no way in hell USA would be against venezuela as a whole.

            • Miguel Octavio Says:

              Eugene: You cant show up at a blog and start talking about things that have little to do with the post in question and post every other comment in a post in an attempt to promote your points of view. In this post I minimized the Maduro-Obama spat and talked about something else, but you never addressed this. Instead you made a number of false statements, failed to provide backing for them and talked about non-existing situations. To me it is clear that all you wanted to do was promote your views on Venezuela Us relations, your predictions on what you think it will happen, juts because you are critical of your Government. This blog is about Venezuela and not about the US and clearly since people dont visit your blog, you want to use my blog to promote both your blog and your ideas.

              Sorry, that is not what blogs and blogging is about. And yes, I do resent your behavior, because when you clearly have not even bothered to read the Executive order issued by your President. You even told to me to Gogle something that had nothing to do with it.

              The sad thing is that, for now, those friends and relatives that you claim to have in Venezuela, have been screwed by Maduro and not by Obama. Once the US reduces personnel in the US Embassy in Caracas, it is going to become hell for these friends and relatives to go to the US, because the Embassy will not have enough people to take care of the tens of thousands that request visas every year. It will also affect you, as you now will have to go get a visa if you want to visit. The rest is just your imagination.

              If something else happens in the future, we will come to that, but I am not presumptuos enough to believe that I know what Obama will do with a country he has mostly ignored in his years in office.

      • Miguel, Eugene and I run into each other all the time, and he has kindly made posts in my blog. My suggestion to Eugene is to try to be a little more flexible and use a little bit less of the party line manual. He´s not going to convince anybody that Maduro is fine just by citing US crimes..

        I no longer visit Venezuela, so I let my hair down when I write, but I really don´t want to get you in trouble discussing this topic in more detail.

        • I am not a fan of Maduro’s but I know he is the lawful president of Venezuela.

          By throwing around hot button words the oppos have in fact called the Yankees in.

          You’ve always had the option of a recall petition and vote and you have the option today of offering solutions and plans to Venezuela. Were the opposition to do that they’d have a shot at taking the National Assembly, as recent polls tell us that both leaderships have minimal approval right now.

          Obama, by doing what he just did in effect come to the assistance of President Maduro and the GPP coalition. From what I understand about Venezuela the people will not take kindly to foreign intervention nor those who support it.

          You need to disassociate from Obama if you care to try and finally win a national election.

          • On the other hand I think Maduro lost any legitimacy he may have had by his continuous violations of the Venezuelan Constitution and legal code, as well as international law. The sense I get right now is that Maduro is incredibly unpopular. And I don’t think you represent in any form whatsoever what people think. The tone of what you write makes you sound like a Cuban government employee sitting in a dingy room in Havana. I mention it because you parrot Fidel’s line quite faithfully.

            • Personal attack as opposed to addressing issues is your way of handling disagreement. Now the proprietor has asked me to leave.

              I have made a record here at any rate for any objective person who for whatever reason chooses to read these comments. Just to say I fervently hope that I am wrong. It would pain me to say “I told you so.”

              So farewell chumps. Have yourselves a fucking ball.

    • Ira Says:

      Your problem, Eugene, is that you never make any sense:

      How does the U.S.’s latest actions put your relatives’ and friends’ well-being in doubt? And to use Iraq and Vietnam as analogies is absurd, especially considering Hussein’s murderous regime (not to mention earlier invasion of Kuwait), and the Vietcong’s genocide in VN and Cambodia.

      What are you going to claim about next–how the U.S. slaughtered all of those Nazis?

      You see, you don’t seem to look at history in its historical (timeframe) context. All you do is try to paint them as “negative.”

      But again I ask, because you made a claim:

      How are your “loved ones” in VZ now in jeopardy because of Obama’s latest sanctions aimed at just a handful of individuals?

      Talk about insulting people’s intelligence!

      • Severe sanctions and possible military attack are next for Venezuela if you understand how the US deals with wise guy leaders of weaker nations. You cannot be as ignorant as you pretend to be.

        • Miguel Octavio Says:

          There will ne mo attack, do you even read? Sanctions are seven people can not go to US. Nothing more, the restis in your febrile mind!

          • Obama did not call Venezuela a national security threat and declare a national security emergency just so he could freeze a handful of bank accounts and bar a handful of individuals from entry into the USA. You simply could not be as stupid as you pretend to be. You would need a 24/7 personal attendant to help you with your shoelaces.

            • Miguel Octavio Says:

              If you had read the decree, he USED the national security emergenci Bill to implement the sanctions against the seven people, he did not declare a national emergency. Why are you si careless? You are being annoying, thats all.

    • Charly Says:

      My old friend Eugene Weixel from the days of Oil Wars another pro-Chavez blog that bit the dust eons ago. Like good old Winston said: “You can fool some of the ….”. I see you are still around fighting a rear guard skirmish. Keep up the good work.

      • Antonio Says:

        LOL, That’s right Charly! I used to hang out at Oil Wars years ago. My handle was Antonio. We used to have some good times going back and forth with the Revolutionaries!!! I wonder how they feel about things in Venezuela now.

    • Antonio Says:

      Eugene, you should be way more concerned with the direction Maduro is steering (pun intended) the country. He will cause far more problems for your relatives (and mine) than Odumbo will do.

      • If I were Venezuelan I would probably not join the PSUV because I don’t favor a lot of their actions but I see the Chavista movement as far less bad than the alternative that Ledezma and Company represent.

        The rulers of my country don’t have good intentions, not even towards the US people, much less Venezuelans.

        It’s an open secret that the US has covert military and special operations capabilities in place in many countries and I’d be amazed if it ever could be proven that Venezuela is not such a target country. Visit my blog to learn about this.

        • Miguel Octavio Says:

          Yes Eugene we know you only come here to advertise. Not enough readers? If your facts are as bad as here, I can see why.

          • My current blog is new and is picking up steam. Of course I know that I represent a minority within a minority view so this blog will probably always be bigger.

            If I were to decide to betray my principles the way you betray your country my blogging would be a business, not a calling.

            You’ve asked me to leave your blog. I’ll do that even if you fellows continue your personal attacks on me. As an American politician once remarked, please spell my name correctly. (Sound of door slamming shut.)

            • Miguel Octavio Says:

              See, you dont even respect others opinions, I am not a traitor, I just think Chavismo destroyed my country. You think Obama is terrible for yours. That does not make you a traitor just someonewith a different opinion.

  33. Ira Says:

    Does anyone remember, more than a decade ago, the video clip of that General taking a swig of soda and belching into the camera, when they expropriated that beverage center?

    Things haven’t really gotten any worse:

    Chavismo was classless and lacking in humanity from day one.

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