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The silent Attorney General speaks up

August 8, 2003

I was surprised that the Attorney General actually said today that the Venezuelan Supreme Court had the legal power to resolve the omission by the National Assembly and it did not represent an invasion in the competence of one power over the other. Surprised, not only because Mr. Rodriguez has been extremely partisan in his statements (he was Chavez’ first Vice-President), but more beacuse he usually stays on the sidelines and says llittle about such cases. He also said that the video of the shooting from Puente El Llaguno was not a “montage” like the Vice-President had accused (it was broadcast live on TV, so it would have been difficult to set up the montage) but that it ahd been manipulated afterwards adding sounds to it. That video, showing members of Cahvez MVR party shooting at the opposition march April 12 2002, won the King of Spain prize this year. Some Chavistas, including the Vice-President, have asked King Juan Carlos to withdraw the prize saying it was  a montage.