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Speaking of idiotic ideas…….

August 12, 2003

MVR Deputy Iris Varela said today that she had the Constitutional Amendment ready to be considered by the National Assembly. The amendment would allow the naming and removal of Supreme Court Justices with a simple majority. The opposition said the idea was “ridiculous” and “stupid” among other interesting epithets. The threat of this amendment does not bother anyone as it would never get to a referendum before the recall vote would. In any case, even if it did where would the Chavistas get the votes to approve the amendment? (Caricature borrowed from Tal Cual)

Office of opposition leader searched by idiotic police

August 12, 2003

The Intelligence police (DISIP) went tonight to the office of former Presidential Candidate and current Deputy and leader of the Causa R (Radical Cause) party Andres Velasquez, looking for a “machine to make fake bills”. No machine was found and the witnesess signed to that effect. Velasquez said that this was simply a measure to intimidate him as a member of the opposition. Maybe the the “I” in DISIP stands for idiotic, not intelligence.