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Will they listen when Condolezza speaks?

October 13, 2003

While Hugo Chavez critized countries and international organizations for meddling in Venezuela’s affairs, this does not seem to stop US National Security Advisor Conodolezza Rice from speaking out today, according to El Universal:

US national security adviser Condolezza Rice backed OAS efforts to solve the political crisis in Venezuela and said that the U.S. is determined to see a “peaceful referendum” in Venezuela, news agency Dpa reported.

The adviser of President George W. Bush referred to the Venezuelan crisis in a speech delivered in teleconference at the 59th IAPA General Assembly, currently held in Chicago.

Rice said that Bush’ administration still has “differences” with Chávez’ government.

Well, hopefully when Condolezza speaks, soem people will listen…..

(Thanks Russel for the news)

A very funny clip

October 13, 2003

Dave sent this link from this very clever page, whomever came up with the page was very clever and the person who composed this particular version, was also very clever and funny.