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Human Rights Watch denies Venpres press release

October 28, 2003

Human Rights Watch which last year exhibited quite a bit of sympathy for Chavez’ Government has by now realized that Chavez is no Allende and his policies are more akin to those of Chilean General Pinochet. The human rights organization had to deny the press release by Government news Agency Venpres saying that the organizations representative had said that Venezuela enjoys a full democarcy and freedom of expression. Mr. Vivancos was assumed to be sympathetic to Chavez given his Chilean past in which his family suffered the effects of the Pinochet Dictatorship. By now, HRW and Mr. Vivancos seemed to have realized what a big msitake they made last year.

CNE mysteriously cancels recall of Mayors and Governors

October 28, 2003

I had never understood why the Chavistas had decided to introduce petiotions for recall referenda for opposition Governors and Mayors. It simply did not make sense, given their minute possibility of success, other than possibly overburden the CNE with work to introduce petitions for a recall of officials that would likely have resigned from office by the time the referenda took place. The reason was simple, regional elections have to take place in June and Venezuelan law requires candidates to resign from office if they want to campaign openly.

It also made little sense from many points of view to have the petition drives for these regional positions to take place a week ahead of that for the Presidential recall. Basically, if it was a success, this would drive fear in the opposition making teh presidential recall petition more succesful and if it was a failure it would give more determination to the opposition.

But a new mystery was unveiled yesterday, when the CNE decided unanimously to cancel the regional petition drives for the positions of Governors and Mayors. Some argue that this favors Chavez’ MVR because they were going to have a hard time gathering the required signatures. However, now they will gather them only for the positions of Deputies, the least likely to awaken passions among those seeking the recall. Thus they are certainly to ahve a very small attendance now, giving a very poor image of MVR’s popularity.Thus, in a single stroke, the petition drives promoted by Chavez’ MVR have been made even more difficult.

All these decisions appear, at first sight, to hurt Chavez’ MVR, but if we did not understand their original intention, we do not understand why they are cancelling it now…….

Some comments on events in my absence

October 28, 2003

I was actually not gone so much, but when I got back my DSL system would not work and it took until today to fix it. I don’t want to give whole blurb on what happened while I was gone but I did want to make some comments:

-Our illustrious outlaw Hugo Chavez said in his nationwide address Sunday before last that those that sign in the petition drive to ask for his recall referendum “will not be forgotten” . This is one of the most shameful attempts by Chavez to pressure people into not participating in the signing of the petition, particularly public employees. This proves in an unequivocal manner than Chavez has no shame, scruples and is just a bully that is attempting to scare people by threatening their livelihood. Shame! Shame! Shame!

-Some Deputies from Chavez’ party showed a video reportedly of CIA agents discussing in June how to boycott the “Reafirmazo” that will take place in November. What makes the charges most laughable, is that in June the opposition had the required signatures to request the recall referendum which was turned down arguing technical reasons. Thus, the only way the “CIA” agents coudl have been planning that is if the current Head of the CNE, who had not been named at the time, was a CIA agent and knew in advance that the petition will be turned down. I get the feeling that the video was one of Maxwell Smart plotting against C.H.A.O.S.

Had a great vacation by the way!