Lethal Ignorance

January 9, 2004


I was not going to mention the visit by US actor Danny Glover until I read a very funny article in Tal Cual written in pseudo-English by Laureano Marquez (who calls himself Laureass Marquez in the article). Then Guillermo saved me the trouble by posting it in his blog, so why duplicate? I do want however to quote one of my favorite parts from the letter:


“Our government, a difference of yours, no fuk only a blacs, sino a all of us parejo. I don’ t know if I am explain. We don’ t have blacs who like to be guaits an somete itself to a process of blanqueition, like Michael Jackson., ni de pod. Here never a blac woman have to stand up of the seat because a guait don’ t have seat, we like very much blac woman, because they are very good. Here the word “negro”, “negrita” shows love.”


In any case, since I am touching on the subject, all Mr. Glover has shown to me, among other things is that:


-He is arrogant. When asked by a reporter if he was only going to get the Government’s view about Venezuela, he got pissed, snapping back that he was here to meet with the “people”. Well, he was holding a press conference in the office of the Vice-President of Venezuela, where among other things it was announced that he will take part on Sunday in President Chavez’ Sunday TV program.  These are not exactly the “people” in this country.


-He is ignorant. He defends the right for Cuba to be a totalitarian regime on the basis of the country’s “sovereignty”. Well, Cuba attempted to overthrow Governments in all of Latin America, including plotting to kill Venezuelan President Romulo Betancourt. Cuba sent soldiers to Angola, interfering with that countries “sovereignty”. Finally, Mr. Glover himself worked very hard to destabilize another “sovereign” country, South Africa, without respecting that same principle he so eagerly defends now.


-He is insensitive. He claims to be here to see the status of black people, how free they are and that they are treated equally. But he fails o voice his concern for the three young black men, sentenced to death by firing squad for hijacking a ferry to get out of Cuba. Nobody was even injured in that incident.


-He is naive. He defends a white dictator who jails black poets, writers and artist for the simple crime of speaking out against him. Does he realize that if he lived in Cuba he could not voice his opinions which he is allowed to broadcast freely in his country because there is a true democracy?


Jeez, maybe that toilet explosion left some permanent brain damage!


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