The Credibility gap: An honest and responsible man

January 29, 2004


In an interview that attempts to be candid, the President of the Comision Nacional Electoral (CNE) gave a wide range of opinions today in page A-3 of El Nacional (by subscription). In it, Dr. Carrasquero says that President Chavez’ opinion has no validity for the CNE. He adds that he finds there is a lack of ethics in the political debate and considers that having international observers at every step of the process is like having someone visiting your home and having the visitor go to the bedroom.


When the interviewer points out that the Head of Informatics of the CNE is a strong Chavez supporter who is responsible for blocking the process of verification of the signatures (He has been accused of being one of the main problem within the CNE) Mr. Carrasquero replies:


“That is totally false. This is a very honest and responsible man, who comes from a great career in the private sector and is performing a great service, despite the fact that our technology is twenty years behind the times. I take responsability for this man”


Let’s look at his CV:


Name: Leonardo Hernandez


Educational Experience:


Undergraduate: Computer Engineering School, Universidad Central de Venezuela 1980-1990. Never Graduated.


Three times during his responsible and honest undergraduate career, Mr. Hernandez had the University temporarily expelled him for not satisfying minimum academic requirements. Mr. Hernandez was finally permanently expelled from the University after being registered for twenty years.


Of course, I imagine that in between he had that “great” career in the private sector.


I ask: How can I believe anything these people say?

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