Some species and even one hybrid

January 31, 2004

Blooming seems to be picking up now. Temperatures have dropped lower than usual ( I will not say how low, some people in the Notrthern Hemispehre would feel terrible) delaying the flowering of Cattleya Lueddemanniana. But this week I began to see some buds with promise. These are the ones that have opened. From Top to bottom:

Firt Row from the top: The lesser known Venezuelan Cattleya Lawrenceana, lots of flowers,, is is much smaller than the ususal Venezuelan Cattleyas.

Second Row: A beautiful Venezuelan Cattleya Jenmanii, it has a slight scnet, the flowers are very well shaped and the color is dard purple. This is a selfing of Cat. Jenmanii “Rose”. Everyday I like Cat. Jenmanii more and more, I don’t have too many, but will try to get some more.

Third Row: A month or two ago, this same plant of the Brazilian Cattleya Intermedia flowered as ingle flower and I was so proud and impressed by its beauty and its size. Well, this week it decided to be even more generous and sent out four blooms. Slight scent.

Fourth Row: This plant of Brazilian Cattleya Warnerii has nine flowers and two more buds should open this week. Very nice shape even if the pictures is not the best.

Fifth Row: Yes I do have some hybrids, here is Epicattleya Don Herman which I purchased from H&R in Hawaii. They finally have a website. They have very nice hybrids and lots of species too. Not too expensive either.

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