Iran and the studpity of some traditional media

February 23, 2004


Sometimes traditional media outstounds me, like this report in CNN with their reporter in Iran, explaining why the reformers lost:


They lost a good deal of credibility with the Iranian public because they failed to initiate many of the reforms they had promised.


But at the end of the day, they failed to deliver on important issues. And in some cases when many people expected them to stand up to the hardliners’ excesses outside parliament, they proved feeble.


Is this guy stupid or what? Two thousand of their reformist candidates are banned from running, including 87 members of the current Parlamient, two major newspapers which are pro-reformist are shutdown, the reformists call for a boycott of the election and they lost because they failed to deliver?  And they call this anlysis? Letís hope they donít send this guy to Venezuela now.

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