Getting Scary

February 29, 2004


Things are changing very fast. Repression is taking place in too many places right now. As Hugo Chavez was giving a nationwide speech that TV stations are forced to broadcast, the National Guard attacked the people in Altamira using the new, dangerous and very repressive technique of having Guards riding in motorcycles shooting tear gas canisters (see picture next post up).


Chavez’ speech had a different tone. While it is the people of Venezuela asking for respect for their rights and defending their signatures, Hugo Chavez began attacking the US and George Bush, challenging him to see who would last longer in power and threatening to cut off oil supplies to that country. He even said that if the US took over Venezuelan property, he would nationalize American property in Venezuela.


Right now, the National Guard is repressing in the East of Caracas, Maracaibo, San Antonio, right outside of Caracas and the west of Caracas. Now political police is all over the place with assault rifles in El Paraiso, in the west and in Horizonte in the east of Caracas. Meanwhile in Barquisimeto, Deputy Alfredo Ramos has been jailed, despite having immunity according to the Constitution. Other, lower level political activists of various parties have been jailed.



As I write 7:18 PM, it seems as if more people are going out despite it being more dangerous. Right now, I see political police officials with assault weapons in front of the Baruta municipality building. Their faces are covered.


Very scary…but I am going out tonight anyway.

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