Martini’s harsh words about his colleagues

March 16, 2004

Since I have not seen it anywhere in detail, here is what Justice Martini, the President of the Electoral hall said referring to the attempt by the Constitutional Hall to take away the case of the recall referendum petition from the Electoral hall:

“The communications prentend to conform an order dictated without the backing of any sentence, which is the raeson why the Electoral Hall has all of the necessary powers to substantaite and decide, according to article 297 of the Constitution”

He added:

“I do not understand what motivation these Justices had when they pretended to take away the cases from its natural judges” or ” to indicate that there was a session that never took place, like Justices Garcia and Rondon have certified. What are they trying to do? Violate the rule of law?” He also warned them that “the consequences of their acts will fall on their consciences”. Not mild words from Justice Martini.

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