CNE announces petition results for 24 opposition Deputies

March 26, 2004

The CNE announced that it had completed reviewing signatures gathered by pro-Chavez forces to ask for the recall of 24 opposition Deputies. Only two of these efforts  were successful. Curiously, one of them only made it by a single signature.  Of the other twenty, fifteen failed, as not even with the ratification process the required signatures were collected and the other five will go to the ratification process.

There were eight Deputies that the Chavistas were not even able to gather the number of signatures required, even if they had all been valid. The percentage of signatures under observation averaged 25% with the Presidents’ recall having a 33% rejection rate. The high was 70% for Alfonso Marquina. The low was Jose Luis Farias with 12%. Amazingly enough, the only valid recall was in the least populous state Amazonas. Primero Justicia members did quite well, as did Alejandro Armas, Ernesto Alvarenga (the lowest percentage of all) and Felipe Mujica.


If enough signatures are ratified for the five, then there will be referenda against seven Deputies of this group. The CNE did not give a breakdown of how many signatures of those set aside for the ratification process were of the same calligraphy . Obviously, it would have been interesting to know it as a way of seeing how many were affected by the change in rules. I am sure some people will argue that this shows the process was “fair”. No way, the rules were changed on the way, just to make sure Chavez’ referendum is stopped. As a matter of fact, it was the Chavistas who “invented” the concept of helping out people filling in their data since their voters comprise more people from poor backgrounds who may have difficulties writing clearly.


It will be interesting to compare the results for those of the Chavista Deputies that the opposition is trying to recall. Those numbers should be out at anytime.


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