The biggest cynic

March 29, 2004


I find the People’s Ombudsman to be incredibly cynical. Today, in an interview on the radio he says:


“This is an institution that is being born and is at the service of the citizens, it can not be involved in the confrontation that people may have against Chávez or against me”


Well, I recall that as the military and the National Guard were repressing hundreds of “citizens” on February 27th. , some of which were shot dead, others tortures and many repressed without mercy, the same People’s Ombudsman was standing in front of the theater where the G-15 meeting was taking place and defended the pro-Chavez activists who were there protected by the national guard and he argued: “The pro-Chavez supporters (who had no permit) can be here because they came to salute our foreign visitors, while the opposition march (which had a permit) wants to create violence”


So, what was he doing that day defending the pro-Chavez forces and getting involved in that confrontation? Finally, Mundarain magically reduces the number of dead to only nine, despite the names, the COFAVIC files and the cases handed over to the Attorney General’s office.


Who is worse Mundarain or Rangel? I am not so sure.

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