Attorney General’s office asks for the detention of Sumate leaders and…

September 30, 2004


A prosecutor has requested that the main Directors of ONG Sumate, including Alejandro Plaz, Maria Corina Machado, Luis Enrique Palacios and others. They are being accused of conspiracy and treason for receiving funds from US National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The accusation is based on the charge made by none other than President Chavez on his Sunday program that Sumate had “received funding from a North American organization to destabilize the Government”. The funding from NED was used o destabilize the Government by helping people organize the petition drives to request Chavez’ recall as well as coordinating processes to guarantee that the CNE would not be able to manipulate the data. In contrast, Chavez’ “commands” for the same purpose were financed from public funds, which is called corruption in any other country. 


This will be followed by processes against those that visited the Presidential Palace on April 11th. 2002 for civil rebellion, including those that signed Carmona the Brief’s decree, as well as all of those that visited the Presidential palace that day. Prosecutor Danilo Anderson said today that he does not have to call General Lucas Rincon to testify. Gen. Rincon, the highest ranking General in 2002 in the Venezuelan Armed Forces, started the whole mess on April 10th. by appearing on TV and saying that Chavez had resigned. He magically reappeared two months later as Chavez’ Minister of the Interior and Justice, position that he held until the week after the recall vote.


This is incredible and very worrisome!

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