An interview and some pictures of our magic realism

November 16, 2004

Unfortunately, I am not registered to read El Nacional online, they had a great article today with an interview of Prof. Peter Smith in which he drew parallels between what is happening in Venezuela with Chavez and what happened in Argentina with Peron. The parallels are remarkable down to the way they both got to power and the use of natural resources to retain power. Populism does have a way to take over countries and the results have never been very good.

The same paper had a great picture of Caracas new Mayor and one of his special guests, a Tupamaro activist who delights in imitating figures from the past as seen above from a different angle. In the El Nacional picture this character which can only be called “trasnochado” in ideological terms, was seen behind the opposition Mayors of Primero Justicia in a clear contrast of what should be the future and was the past, although in this case it seems to be going exactly the other way around. On the right above, a picture that shows the level of folkore and magic realism that the country has reached as it was self-appointed “little red riding hood” and senior citizen beauty queen Marlene Vanegas that gave Barreto the band that distinguishes him as Mayor of Caracas.

What can I say, Garcia Marquez with all his imagination, failed to describe what truly may happen in these countries.


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