Chavista Justice versus media manipulation

November 29, 2004

So now, it is all the media’s fault. Yesterday it was the Vice-President blaming the media. Today its is the digitally elected Governor of Miranda state who says: “The Vice-President did not go far enough, denouncing the media…because what is happening is that the media is covering up the true guilty ones”. This outrageous statement is irresponsible Government at its best. Can you really blame the media for the Keystone cops behavior of the Venezuelan police in the last few days? It is the Government who is responsible, it is that fake concept called “Justicia Chavista”. It is the Government who is covering up. It is the Government that has been going around killing supposed “suspects” using the easy strategy of killing first and asking questions second. It is the fault of Justicia Chavista.

But this is the same behavior we have seen in the last few years for Justice under Chavez. No case gets solved, from the 45 corruption cases that forced Chavez’ fellow coupster to resign in 2000,to the April 2002 murders, to the leaks that made millions to those that had the information, to Fort Mara fire, nothing ever gets solved. But blame the media for revolutionary incompetence, the rest is Justicia Chavista.


Maybe the Guevara brothers are guilty as charged. But interestingly enough there are two dead people and the Government has failed to prove they had anything to do with the case. They have failed to show a connection between the Anderson case and Hebraica, they have failed to show a connection between Lopez and Anderson. But they blame the media. It is the easy way out.


But let’s hear what Petkoff has to say in today’s Editorial in Tal Cual’s Editorial  “Police Manipulation”:


“Despite the President warning that police procedures had to follow the Constitution and the laws, some things have happened about which one can suspect actions by the police that are far from clear.


Let’s start with the case of the Guevara brothers. How is it that people who according to Chacon were being searched because there was evidence that they participated in the Anderson case “disappeared” and a few days later “appear” mistreated in a bush in Valencia and are “found” by the National Guard, who later hands  them over to the intelligence police? Who detained them for a few days and then left them there? Was it a police force? Which one? What type of police procedure is this? Does it conform to the Constitution and the laws? Obviously not. Jesse Chacon limited himself to saying that it should be investigated and launched absurd speculations about there being a self-kidnapping. It is evident that Chacon at this stage Chacon knows exactly what happened.


If things are done correctly and with transparency, doctor Rangel and Lieutenant Chacon, if all the procedures follow the Constitution and the laws, there is no room for “media manipulation”. If there is, and we do not deny it, it is the Government that promotes it with its evident police manipulation”


I go back to a point that I have made repeatedly: It is a Government that has the higher responsibility. It helps little to blame the media. It helps little to cry manipulation. It is the job of the Government to find those that killed Danilo Anderson and bring them to trial. But it has to be done responsibly. The media and the limited opposition in this country are now left to the job of incredulous observers of a charade by an irresponsible Government that claims to be staging a revolution. If not this cartoon of what Justicia Chavista stands for will continue to be reivindicated time and time again:



In Venezuela justice is not blind, or impartial, nor impartial, nor independent….it is Chavista!


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