Jewish educational and cultural center raided

November 29, 2004

Intelligence police raided this morning Hebraica,a Jewish educational and cultural facility in the East of Caracas. The raid was carried out just as 1,500 kids were arriving for school. The raid is reportedly related to the Anderson case. The police have left the premises and there is no information as to whether they found anything or not.

The Minister of Justice said that they were looking for weapons related to the Anderson cae, which they did not find. Curious how when pro-Chavez urban guerilla groups are shown on TV with high caliber weapons, such as the Carapaicas and the Tupamaros, nothing happens, but they are so quick to raid a jewish school and are so sennsitive to do it just as the kids are arriving. No bias here…

One Response to “Jewish educational and cultural center raided”

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