Was this a warning?

November 29, 2004

Peaceful Venezuelans are now caught between an outlaw Government and the presence of radical groups reacting to the actions of this Government. Below you will find an obituary published in local newspaper El Nacional a week before the Anderson murder:


In memoriam

Claus Shenk Von Stauffenberg

Veteran of the Afrika Corps and Colonel of the Wehrmacht

On the sixtieth anniversary of the summary execution by nazi fanatics of the author of the failed attempt by bombing against Adolph Hitler in his Rastemburg bunker in Eastern Prussia, that had it been consummated would have advanced the end of World War II, saving the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians in the countries under conflict and preventing more suffering of the great German people. The free men of Venezuela honor his memory and salute his gesture of legitimate social defense, which arises from its historical context as a valid model in the fight against tyrannies of whatever ideological sign.

Caracas, November 5th. 2004

ONG Long live a Free Venezuela

“The most beautiful of actions is to kill a tyrant”


“There is no better offering to the Gods than the life of a tyrant”


“He who for the liberation of his country kills the tyrant is praised and obtains rewards”

St. Thomas Aquinas

Make what you want out of this. Except for who was killed, this seemed like a warning of things to come, even if I did not understand it at the time.

Day by day, things are looking worse and worse for our poor country.

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