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Reason over Might, an outsider’s view

December 15, 2004

I would like to welcome a new blog Reason over Might written by a South African, who lives in Germany and is married to a Venezuelan. How is that for an unusual combination? One may think unbiased, except for the wife. In any case, John is spending Christmas in Venezuela, eating hallacas and seeing the Bolivarian revolution first hand. Hope he enjoys his vacation and leaves most of the blogging for his return to Germany. Enjoy! Any blog that uses a Sting quote for its byline:

“Without the voice of reason, every faith is its own curse”

It’s allright in my book.


A new perverse judicial system

December 15, 2004

Even before the Government named the new members of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, the effects of the new totalitarian Chavista justice of the country are being felt.

A couple of years ago, lawyer Tulio Alvarez, the same one that investigated the fraud of the August referendum, went to the Supreme Court to ask that the Court removed the Parliamentary immunity that the former President of the Court enjoyed, in order to try him for corruption and misappropriation of funds while in that position.


The Venezuelan Supreme Court did not accept Alvarez’ petition and then Lara sued Alvarez for defamation. Today, a Court ordered that Alvarez can not leave the country, until he is tried. He could spend 30 months in jail.


Lara claims that Alvarez “attempted to murder him morally” (hah!). Of course, the money is still missing, nobody is investigating and the accuser is now the accused. This is called revolutionary justice in this sad revolution.


Will anyone dare denounce anything against a Government official with the new loaded and revolutionary Supreme Court? You be the judge (pun intended). It is called a license to steal, all courtesy of the robolution.