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The Windmills of Chavez’ mind

December 21, 2004

Hugo Chavez loves a confrontation. He can’t stand it if there is nothing to fight about, someone to pick a fight with. I think it is all planned. It is a political style made to be always in the center of the storm, creating conflicts where there are none, inventing issues that have no basis, aiming to look like the champion of the people.  He finds enemies where he has friends, differences where there are none, windmills to fight, where there is not even a wisp of wind.

Case in point is Chavez’ loud call tonight for the President of the Venezuelan Central Bank to resign. Let’s see the issues, if any:

-What’s the fight about? The Government wants the Central Bank to pay foreign exchange gains higher than the Central Bank wants.

-Who is the President of the Central Bank? Diego Luis Castellanos

-Who named him? Hugo Chavez, three years ago.

-Who recommended him? Jorge Giordani, Chavez’ Planning Minister who also sits on the Board o the Central Bank. Castellanos was a complete unknown when he was named.

-How long more does he have in the position? Less than one month. Castellanos’ term ends in mid-January. Given that Venezuela is starting to shut down already and will not reopen until January 15th., then whether Castellanos resoigns today or his term ends is largely irrelevant.

So, It’s just another fight against the windmills of his mind. Another dispensable ally thrown overboard. Another footnote in his path to absolute power.