Of Machismo and counterrevolution by Teodoro Petkoff

January 24, 2005

Teodoro Petkoff in today’s Tal Cual on Chavez sexist and racist remarks yesterday

Of Machismo and counterrevolution by Teodoro Petkoff

There is no anti imperialism, nor nationalism which justifies the things that Chavez said yesterday about Condoleezza Rice. It was not a joke with double meaning but of a single meaning, gross and crude. An overly machista and sexist insolence, which offends both women as well as all Venezuelans, whose national pride Chavez pretends to raise in front of the intromission of the US Government in our affairs. I would like to know some reaction, from the Chavismo side, but in particular from the women that accompany “the process”, given Chavez’ words yesterday about Mrs. Rice. They are neither to be laughed at, nor to be excused searching for a non existent anti imperialistic meaning.


Fidel, who Chavez will surely not pretend to give lessons to on these matters, has never lowered himself in his speeches to that level of political and human indigence. No, in that jesting there is no anti-imperialism, nor nationalism, nor anything noble, but a brutal disdain for women and black people (“I would not make that sacrifice for the country”). You don’t have to be Freud to perceive the whole background of discrimination and supreme machismo that lies behind those despicable “jokes”. Machismo and racism, Hugo Chávez, are counterrevolutionary.

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