Lots of flowers despite this not being the best time of the year

January 30, 2005

Lots of flowers, despite this time of the year not being the best. Top left: Cattleya Walkeriana semi alba from Brazil. This poor flowers grew thru a wire mesh, I did not dare move them, but then I figured I had to or I would never see them properly. Not the best shape in the world, but I like the contrast between the lip and the flower. On the right is a Cattelya Walkeriana alba from Brazil, this one is almost perfect, even better than the Pendentive in my previous post. The petals and sepals are almost in a plane. Bot are quite fragrant. The last one is simply spectacular!

Top Left: Cattleya Labiata also from Brazil. Top Right: Potinara Sun Spots.

Left: A bunch of flowers from an Oncidium Cebolleta. Right: Close up of the flower. This plant can be found in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

Top left: Bunch of Cattleya Hot Pink “Lulu” a hybrid thta flowers four times a year. Right: Close up of one flower. Each flower is maybe three inches in diameter.

Top left: Picture of Cirropetalum Corolliferum from above, the flowers almost fill the circle. Top right: Close up from the side.

Close up so that you can see the complexity of the flowers. This is a species from Malasya, Singapore, Thailand and other countries in Asia.

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