January 30, 2005

Today’s Quotes from the crypt, in no particular order, all inconsistent, even if coming from the side of the political spectrum:

Presidential communiqué: “Venezuela finds Colombia’s communiqué positive, since they will review how they captured guerilla member Rodrigo Granda and hopes it will not be repeated”


Vice-Presidential statement: “The VP considers that the impasse between Venezuela and Colombia was resolved satisfactorily”.


Chavez’ statement: “The crisis with Colombia is not resolved and the solution will depend on the meeting with Uribe next week”


Former Colombian President Samper: “Chavez, in contrast with his VP, who is a champion of Anti-Colombianism in the world…”


Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez:” The process against the eight Venezuelan military will continue as well as the investigation against the Minister of Defense of Colombia”


-Primero Justicia Julio Borges (El Nacional by subscription): “Communiqué is a band aid on a deep wound”


-Domingo Alberto Rangel (La Razon, no webpage): “I am a loyal and open friend of the FARC…while Chavez attacks Rice and Bush, he is desperately looking for a relationship with Bush”


-Alberto Garrido (La Razon, no webpage): “Chavez has received an ultimatum with the Granda case”


-Manuel Isidro Molina (La Razon, no webpage): “Only the cynicism and arrogance of Uribe are bigger than Chavez’ incompetence”

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